Abu Dhabi Police (ADP) have warned of fraudulent calls and links to counterfeit websites circulating on social media, exploiting events, activities, and occasions to lure the public with fake services, temptations, and benefits.

ADP pointed out the renewed methods of deceitful scammers, deceiving victims through misleading means, wherein they defraud them after obtaining information related to their bank accounts and reusing that data, enabling financial balance withdrawals.

The Police urged to avoid clicking on suspicious links and not to share confidential information with anyone, whether it's your account information, card details, online banking passwords, personal identification numbers for ATMs, or security code (CCV) or passwords, emphasising that bank employees will never ask for such information.

In case of fraud, the public is advised to go to the nearest police station and quickly report any calls received from unknown individuals asking to update their banking information, by contacting the security service at 8002626 or by sending a text message to 2828, supporting the police efforts to confront these fraudulent methods and protect the community from their risks.

ADP also called for activating protection programmes to ensure the efficiency of getting rid of harmful websites containing electronic codes targeting their savings, and not to succumb to false temptations.