Egis, the France-based global infrastructure consultancy company, announced on Wednesday that it has appointed as lead consultant for transformation of Abo Qir Metro in Alexandria, Egypt.

The project, which will be implemented in partnership with the National Authority for Tunnels (NAT) and Engineering Consultants Group (ECG), aims to transform Alexandria’s existing diesel train service into a modern electric metro system to significantly improve energy efficiency and provide a more efficient and sustainable transportation option for Alexandria residents.

The company said in a press statement it has been awarded a contract to lead on Project Implementation Unit (PIU) Support, Contract Management, and Construction Supervision Consulting services for the 22-kilometre metro line extending from Abo Qir to Misr Station in Alexandria.

Under PIU support, Egis will assist NAT in effectively managing the project, ensuring all phases are executed as planned. Under Contract Management, the firm will oversee collaboration between all stakeholders and adherence to contractual obligations while construction involves on-site supervision of the construction activities to ensure quality standards and on schedule delivery.

Abu Qir Metro’s route will be divided into two main sections. The first is a 15.5-km elevated section and a 6-km ground-level section, both of which are following the existing railway line. There will be 14 new, modern metro stations constructed along the elevated section.

Notable stations include Abu Qir which will serve as a terminal station; El Maamoura Station, offering connections to another railway line, Montazah as an intermediate terminal; and Victoria, connecting to the Raml Tram.

Additionally, 6 stations will be built along the ground-level section, with strategically important stations such as Kafer Abdou linking to the depot, Sidi Gaber providing a connection to the Raml Tram, and Misr integrating with the existing railway network.

On Monday, Egis announced that it will supervise two new electric high-speed rail (HSR) lines in Egypt.

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