UAE - The General Authority of Sports (GAS) has signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with the National Olympic Academy and the UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Center, to strengthen efforts in developing and enhancing sports cadres in the sector. This is in line with the ‘Principles of the 50’ which focuses on encouraging more investments in developing human capital, promoting the exchange of expertise and knowledge in sports and its applied sciences. This further aims to foster collaborations between sports institutions, improve administrative work, and raise a generation that leads the future of the sports sector.

The agreement was signed by Omar Abdulrahman Al Ali, Director of Leaders Qualification Centre, representative of the GAS, Mohammed bin Darwish, Executive Director of the National Olympic Academy, and Abdulla Meyiwa, head of the interim management committee of the UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Center. The MoU was signed in the presence of H.E Saeed Abdul Ghaffar, Secretary-General of the General Authority for Sports, and H.E Eng. Azza bint Sulaiman, Assistant Secretary-General for Administrative and Financial Affairs of the National Olympic Committee.

H.E Saeed Abdul Ghaffar said: “Through this MoU, the Authority aims to further collaborate with its partners and strengthen its efforts in advancing the sports sector as well as enhance its administrative mechanisms by boosting the capabilities of all administrative cadres. The agreement targets to develop work mechanisms, promote administrative development, as well as foster an environment that drives excellence and advancements in the sector. Furthermore, the Authority strives to consistently keep pace with the recent international studies and adopt them, in order to empower new cadres and make them well-prepared to hold leading positions in the sector.”

H.E Eng. Azza bint Sulaiman stated that this MoU reflects the steadfast commitment to promote the administrative system of sports sector. “This will further enhance the sector, influencing its technical efforts and assisting in organizing various work mechanisms, developing several methods to identify and nurture talents utilizing the most recent development techniques and international academic studies in the sports industry,” H.E added.

Emphasizing the significance of signing this agreement, Abdulla Meyiwa underlined that the Center works in collaboration with the GAS and the National Olympic Academy to train and advance sports cadres’ skills in various sport fields. He added: “We look forward to devising various strategies and initiatives for academic sports training, which will help significantly in the development of the skills and capabilities of the sports cadres, enabling them to match pace with the most advanced, international technical and professional techniques.

The MoU fosters the exchange of knowledge, documents, studies, and curricula pertaining to physical education and sports, women’s sports, gender equality, and the Olympic movement. Additionally, it also strives to develop and implement mutual sports programs, forums, workshops, and scientific, professional, and academic conferences, in addition to acknowledging the training certificates of the mutually held programs.

This agreement is regarded as an embodiment of the collaboration between institutions in the sports sector to encourage the exchange of expertise and knowledge. By improving administrative work, enhancing vocational and technical skills, establishing an administrative culture based on the most recent scientific curricula, this agreement is expected to help build a resilient future for the sports sector.

The General Authority of Sports has recently relaunched the UAE Sports Sciences and Sports Medicine Center with a new design, which is focused on developing scientific capabilities, enhancing the development of sports cadres, as well as promoting their skills.


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