The International Exhibition for Water Purification, Desalination and Sewage Treatment - WATREX Expo kicked off with the participation of more than 120 international and local companies in the field of water purification, in the presence of Dr. South Africa, Uganda, Rwanda, and Finland.
The participants praised the organization of the exhibition, stressing that it is the largest event in the field of water purification, desalination and wastewater treatment in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East, and is in line with the state’s policy at the present time, and the initiative of a decent life, stressing that the exhibition is a real opportunity to localize water technology inside Egypt.
After the opening, the ambassadors inspected the exhibition pavilions, especially the pavilions of the international companies participating in the exhibition, and stressed the quality of local products represented in pumps, valves and other modern technology for water treatment, purification and desalination, water pipes, stressing that Egypt has reached a great position in the field of technology water.
For his part, Dr. Abdel Qawi Khalifa, the former Minister of Utilities, said that this exhibition confirms that Egypt has entered the era of water industry and technology, and represents a real opportunity, for all workers in the drinking water and sanitation sector, to know and realize what Egypt has reached in the current period of great progress and development in Water technology industry.
During the press conference, which was held after the opening of the exhibition, Dr. Abdul Qawi Khalifa added that the state is currently implementing huge infrastructure projects that contribute to increasing the rate of development, in addition to the expansion of treatment and tertiary treatment plants that allow waste water to be reused again.
He said that the state entered the era of desalination, which previous systems failed in, as the Egyptian government and the Egyptian state kept pace with the era of desalination technology, which contributes to increasing advertisements on the use of sea water and feeding the border provinces, which relieves pressure on the Nile River.

At the same time, the organizing company of the exhibition confirmed that WATREX exhibition had achieved unprecedented successes during the previous sessions, which explains the great demand by international companies in various countries of the world to participate in this exhibition.
The company that the International Exhibition for Water Purification, Desalination and Sewage Treatment and Turks Expo is the largest exhibition specialized in the field of water and wastewater technology (sewage - industrial - agricultural), as well as water desalination technology, purification and waste water treatment, pointing out that the exhibition is attended by about 120 companies. International and local, representing major international brands in the field of water and wastewater technology.

The company pointed out that the exhibition achieved a large number of visits, exceeding 25,000 visitors annually, from the public of specialists, consultants, and those responsible for water and sanitation files in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.
Added that what distinguishes the exhibition in its new session, is the participation of companies participating in the implementation of national projects, especially companies that implement the initiative of a decent life, pointing out that the initiative of a decent life, is a real shift for the rural population from darkness to light, as this initiative will contribute to the delivery of drainage Health care and all necessary services for the rural population, after the rural population suffered from neglect and neglect during the past ages.
The exhibition on an area of ​​20,000 meters at the Egypt International Exhibition Center, and is the largest platform for manufacturers and importers to gather with a broad base of consultants and executive engineers for major major and private projects.
The exhibition has allocated about 16 international pavilions representing major companies working in the field of water and wastewater technology, in addition to being the largest and first specialized exhibition in the field of water contracting in Africa and the Middle East and includes many sectors, including “purification, desalination and treatment plants for drinking and waste water, and the pipes and tanks sector.” Water, water filters, electricity sector, automatic control panels, infrastructure, contracting and construction sectors.