Saudi Arabian firm AZDEF is pushing ahead with an MRI safety awareness campaign that began with The Advanced Safety Training Seminar whicht was held this week in downtown Dubai and successfully ended yesterday in partnership with the Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and attendance of DHA team and 120 participants in the field.

The Advanced Safety Training Seminar in MRI was led by the world-renowned certified MRI Safety Expert, Prof. Tobias Gilk of Gilk Radiology Associates in Overland Park, KS, and offered first in Dubai and the United Arab Emirates, then in Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and remaining Gulf countries, AZDEF said.

The intensive seminar followed the model of courses developed and delivered in the USA, UK, and Australia on MRI risk-assessment and superior MRI patient management and covered wide range of topics in MRI safety learning for the safe and effective management of MRI and radiology patient care. It will allow MRI providers to safely scan patients you may have not thought safe to scan, with less labor dedicated to patient screening, all while improving the safety of patients and staff, as well as the MRI safety confidence of radiologists and radiographers. Attendees will earn DHA-approved CE credits from the training.

Attendees who put Prof. Gilk’s teachings into practice will see fewer MRI safety-related canceled exams, faster resolution of MRI safety patient concerns, and greater comfort in their abilities to make better patient care decisions.

Given the importance of magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) safety and the scarcity of seminars and conferences in the Gulf region in this field, forcing the gulf residents to travel abroad to attend these seminars and practice in this field, the Saudi entrepreneur Rayan Azab was keen to have leadership and spread awareness in this field by organizing medical seminars through his company AZDEF to help in the development of the medical sector in the gulf region. Azab aspires to continue organizing similar seminars that help spread awareness in the medical sector for the citizens of the Gulf residents and save their effort and time of traveling abroad.

The seminar was sponsored by Siemens, AFES, SDI Canada, RAD, and Metrasens.

Prof. Gilk is member of the IEC MRI safety standards committee, two-time member of the ACR MRI safety committee, and Board member and past-Chair of the ABMRS.

Further seminar details are available