Dubai, United Arab Emirates – Brazil continues to be the top cultural, nature-inspired destination for adventurous travelers, boasting itself as one of the most exciting and pleasing tourist havens in South America.

Travelers will be keen to discover Brazil’s unique locations that will bring the photographer out of them in capturing the beauty of nature and cultural heritage in every shot.

Silvio Nascimento, President of Embratur, Brazil’s Tourist Board commented: “Brazil is for everyone – the culture-curious, the photographer, the wildlife lover, and the adventurous. While it remains a destination that is popular for parties and festivals, there is a whole other side of Brazil that remains yet to be discovered – its cultural heritage and unique spots reserved for learning, brilliant photography or even just relaxation. Embratur looks forward to welcoming visitors from around the world to Brazil’s highly diversified destinations. We encourage tourists, and those travelling from the UAE, to take advantage of all the widespread options Brazil has to offer.”

For the photographers looking for their next best shot, curious learners hoping to discover historical nuggets and tourists who have already visited Brazil but wish to explore further, fly down to these top best locations throughout the wide landscape listed below.

Real Gabinete Português de Leitura (Royal Portuguese Cabinet of Reading) at Rio de Janeiro

Bookworms and book lovers will be fascinated by the fourth most beautiful library in the world (voted by Times magazine), located at the very heart of Brazil in Rio de Janeiro. Founded in 1837, the Gabinete, a gothic-style, infrastructural masterpiece with its stunning chandelier and skylight-in-iron structure, was created with the aim to provide Portuguese residents access to publications of cultural significance in the city. Today’s Gabinete Português de Leitura offers a collection of 350,000 works by Portuguese authors outside Portugal. The consultation of books is open to readers in the library hall.

Beco do Batman (Batman's Alley) at São Paulo

A sight for sore eyes among art lovers, the Beco do Batman is one democratic space for art in the city of Sao Paulo. The alley’s walls are beautifully spray painted and drawn on with dozens of graffiti, with little empty or undrawn space in sight. The place welcomes new artists and even passer-by tourists who wish to leave a piece of art they can remember when visiting again. Photography lovers too can capture portraits from infinite angles of their travelling buddies or enjoy a solo shoot of the alley’s most beautiful art.

Escadaria Selarón (Selarón Staircase) at Rio de Janeiro

A tribute to Brazilians, this staircase is one of the most unmissable tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro. An easily accessible location, residing between the neighbourhoods of Lapa and Santa Teresa, the Escadaria Selaron is a must-visit that boasts iconic bohemian neighbourhoods surrounding it within the capital, and is just five minutes from Arcos da Lapa, Brazil’s 21st century-old aqueduct that brought freshwater into the city. A work of the Chilean artist Jorge Selarón, the staircase brings together unique tiles from various parts of Brazil and the world. As it remains one of the more colourful tourist sites, most photographers have made their way to capture its beauty, along with thousands of visitors admiring the vivid staircase.

Fervedouro (Spring) at Jalapão

Wondering where you can spot a spring in Brazil? The Fervedouro Spring, the biggest of its kind at Jalapao, is one such location visitors are mesmerized by for their natural water pools, of various sizes (and even colours!) over a powerful spring. Visitors can relax across the pools while being shaded by the cooling banana trees, enjoying the calming sensation of the waters. Those who wish to extend their exploration at the place can make expeditions and discover more water bodies across the area, including waterfalls. 

Morro Dois Irmãos (Twin Brothers Hill) at Fernando de Noronha

Photographers looking for a click among the clear blue waters must visit the Morro Dois Irmãos, renowned as the great postcard of Fernando de Noronha. The paradise island is a nature conservation spot and biodiversity located in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. Visitors will notice the varying rock formation across the island, which gets the ‘Twin Brothers’ name from its side-by-side characteristic and having practically the same structural shapes. The Island is located on Cacimba do Padre beach that tourists can relax at after venturing the island.



The Brazilian Tourist Board is responsible for implementing National Tourism Policy in the areas of promotion, marketing, and marketing support for Brazilian tourist destinations, services and products in the international market. Embratur helps to generate social and economic development for the country by increasing the flow of international tourists to national destinations.


Mazeen Al Khatib