In line with its social responsibilities and ongoing support for the Let's Be Aware "Diraya" campaign, Gulf Bank continues its efforts to educate both customers and the banking community about the risks associated with electronic crimes targeting their information and bank accounts.

AbdulMohsen Al-Nassar, the Corporate Communications Officer at Gulf Bank, urged bank clients to exercise caution when dealing with emails, text messages, and phone calls from unfamiliar sources, to safeguard their banking details from theft.

 He emphasized that banks never request personal information from customers via email, text messages, or phone calls, advising against responding to such communications as they frequently serve as fraudulent attempts to obtain banking information for illicit purposes. Clicking on links in such messages could unintentionally expose sensitive banking information to theft.

Al-Nassar pointed out the increase in fraudulent activities, especially through fake donation pages established following disasters, as opportunistic fraudsters aim to exploit people's compassion and steal their funds.

He recommended that bank customers refrain from storing confidential information such as ATM card numbers, credit card details, or PIN codes on their mobile devices and cautioned against writing PINs directly on credit cards. Additionally, he discouraged the sharing of one-time passwords (OTPs) and emphasized the importance of logging out from the bank's mobile application or website immediately after completing a transaction.

Emphasizing the pivotal role of customer awareness in safeguarding banking data, particularly amid the widespread of electronic services, Al-Nassar advised customers to verify the authenticity and licensing of institutions before making donations.

It is noteworthy that the Central Bank of Kuwait, in collaboration with the Kuwait Banking Association, initiated the Let's Be Aware "Diraya" banking awareness campaign in 2021.

The campaign aims to familiarize bank customers with essential banking services, enhance their ability to conduct secure transactions, ensure transactional safety, and promote financial inclusion, monetary stability, and economic resilience through comprehensive awareness of customer rights and obligations. Additionally, the campaign introduces the advantages of electronic financial transactions, strategies to reduce associated risks, and the importance of cybersecurity.