Kuwait City, Kuwait - Alghanim Industries (Kutayba Alghanim Group), one of the largest privately-owned companies in the region, proudly participated in the inaugural internship fair organized by Injaz Kuwait. This landmark event, hosted at the Movenpick Hotel Al Bida'a, spanned two days, and marked a significant milestone in fostering industry-academia collaboration. It saw participation from over 20 esteemed private sector entities, showcasing an extensive range of internship opportunities for university students across various fields. This initiative underscores Alghanim Industries' pivotal role in bolstering the career trajectories of young Kuwaitis and igniting their potential.

In this context, Layla Hilal Al-Mutairi, CEO of Injaz Kuwait, remarked, "The Injaz Internship Fair is a key initiative for Injaz Kuwait aimed at sharpening the skills of young people and preparing them for the workforce by offering internship opportunities in a variety of private sector companies, including major ones like Alghanim Industries. Over the course of the fair's two days, we provided more than 140 opportunities for young individuals, conducting interviews with over 600 eager young men and women wanting to intern across different companies.” She highlighted that this fair is not a standalone event; Injaz Kuwait organizes numerous activities throughout the year designed to bolster and enhance young people's skills in areas such as job readiness, entrepreneurship, and financial literacy, through internationally-recognized programs accredited by Junior Achievement Worldwide.

Anas Yousef Al Ateeqi, Chief Human Resources Officer at Alghanim Industries, shared insights on the company's engagement in the fair, "Our active involvement in Injaz Kuwait's internship fair is a testament to our deep-rooted commitment to empowering the youth of Kuwait and enhancing their skill sets. We regard internship programs as a crucial link between academic learning and professional application, providing young talents with the opportunity to apply classroom knowledge in real-world scenarios, thereby gaining invaluable work experience. The enthusiastic response from university students towards these internships signals a growing eagerness for personal and professional growth. Through our support of such initiatives, we reaffirm our dedication to cultivating a skilled and inventive generation poised to contribute significantly to Kuwait's bright future."

In line with this initiative, Alghanim Industries' Human Resources team was on-site to introduce the array of internship opportunities available. Alghanim Industries and its affiliates have embraced numerous interns, offering them diverse experiences in key sectors such as marketing, information technology, financial management, and e-commerce. This sectoral diversity mirrors the company's expansive operational footprint across automotive, retail, and food and beverage industries, ensuring interns receive a well-rounded and profound insight into the private sector.

These programs reflect Alghanim Industries' ongoing commitment to skill development and innovation among Kuwait's youth, aligning with the strategic vision of "New Kuwait 2035." By providing standout internship opportunities and enriching, diverse experiences, Alghanim Industries aims to equip the upcoming generation of Kuwaiti professionals, thus driving the private sector's growth and contributing towards the achievement of sustainable development objectives.