Muscat: Supporting its robust digitization drive and setting a new benchmark in customer convenience, ahlibank has opened an exclusive digital banking branch at a prime location in Madinat al Sultan Qaboos area.

The state-of-the-art facility is designed to enhance customers’ banking experience and expedite everyday banking processes, incorporating the Bank’s first multi-functional device - ahliexpress, while offering a brand-new outlet for new-to-bank clients. It will cater to customers in the predominantly upscale residential area with top-notch services that are in tune with global digital trends.

The new branch will redefine ahlibank’s credentials as one of the most preferred banks in Oman, making ‘digital’ the new banking mantra for its internet-savvy customers. It will further augment ahlibank’s growing digital footprints in the country and leverage its active partnership with the government in realizing the objectives of Oman Vision 2040, which has set forth an ambitious national program for the digital economy.

Commenting on the new milestone, Muneer Al Balushi, AGM – Head of Retail Distribution, ahlibank, said, “Our remarkable new facility, in the heart of the city, is an affirmation of our intent to create modern banking avenues for our customers who are constantly seeking innovative products and newer and better service modules to conduct their everyday banking chores. With this digital intervention, we have assimilated our ongoing digitization drive to set newer parameters of excellence. We will continue to forge ahead by partnering with the government in realizing the national digital agenda that will change the course of our country’s economic and social development and shape the growth of a knowledge-based society.

“The recent past has demarcated the importance of digital transformation in both public and private sectors, focusing on innovation to foster a favourable business environment. The national digital programme, in particular, has tabulated the way forward to accelerate digitization and bring to fruition the economic diversification policy as well as spur other sectors of development. With the launch of our new digital branch, we have channeled our current market buoyancy to reaffirm our commitment to digitization within our banking institutions and the broader realm of national development. Equipped with an interactive multi-functional device, our Madinat al Sultan Qaboos branch will reflect our mission to exceed our customer expectations, enabling them to enjoy a faster and efficient banking experience” he added.

While the new branch, with its unique and holistic banking portfolio, throws the spotlight on ahlibank’ strategic digital growth strategy, digitization itself is not a new concept for the Bank, which has, previously, introduced a suite of e-channels, including a high-tech mobile app, to cultivate a dynamic banking environment; one that will lead towards a sustainable economy. It is an ongoing process that will uphold the Bank’s customer-centric approach to business in tailoring and delivering products and services are pledged to durability.