BAHA: In Saudi Arabia’s southern region, the clouds embrace the peaks of the high mountains in Baha to create an artistic painting that attracts visitors from around the globe. 

Dubbed the “City of Fog” and the “Neighbor of the Clouds,” the city features forests with picturesque nature scenes that will charm any camping lover.

In the mountains, hikers can summit peaks of high altitude, and for the intellectuals, a date with heritage and ancient history in the museums and majestic forts awaits.

The various terrains between valleys, mountains, and forests offer summer temperatures that do not exceed 32 degrees Celsius. In the evening, the temperature falls to 17 degrees, which makes for an outstanding summer atmosphere for tourists coming from high-temperature areas.

Among the forests scattered in Baha lies the Raghadan Forest Park, which attracts tourists to camp among the tall dark green juniper and acacia trees. This forest overlooks the King Fahd Mountain Road that connects Baha with the Tihama area. Tourists can enjoy watching the clouds rise from Tihama to the mountain tops in the Sarat area in the early hours of the morning. In the afternoon, clouds often laden with water particles fall somewhere in Baha.

Visitors to the farms in the region can pick apples, pomegranates, apricots, and other fruits and eat them on site. Plants and natural crops are irrigated by rainwater or from nearby rain reservoirs.

Forest and farm visitors should not miss tasting locally produced honey from the trees and watching the process of filtering and extracting the honey from the scattered beehives in the summer. Visitors can buy the natural honey, which is free from preservatives, and take it home with them as a souvenir.

However, the fun does not stop here. Baha has prepared safe paths for hikers to ascend the mountains, and when they reach the summit, paragliding through the skies of Baha is also available.

The sun meets vertically with the roofs of the historical castles and forts in the region, leaving history lovers with the opportunity to discover landmarks and monuments immortalized by the ancient inhabitants of the region.

All of these unique features qualified Baha to be among the 11 tourist destinations announced by the Saudi Tourism Authority through the “Visit Saudi Arabia” platform. The authority launched the Saudi Summer Program 2021 under the slogan “Our Summer, Your Mood,” from June 24 until the end of September.

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