KUWAIT - The Fourth Kuwait Master Plan 2040, approved by the cabinet in its weekly meeting today, reflected the country's vision and development goals in urban, economic, social, and environmental policies in parallel with future population growth, said a minister on Monday.

Speaking to KUNA on the sideline of the meeting, Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and Minister of State for Communication Affairs Fahad Al-Shuala revealed that the master plan would focus on the usage of land for private housing, investments as well as commercial and industrial purposes.

He indicated that the expansion in such parameters also required balanced infrastructure and public utilities that would reflect the needs in 2040.

The Fourth Master Plan includes four regions, Kuwait's urban region, the norther economic region, the third southern industrial region, and the fourth western region, he pointed out.

The first region would have a population of around 6,123,500 million people by 2040 with 2,968,200 employment opportunities.

The northern international region would have a population of around 519,000 people with employment opportunities for 171,800 people.

The southern region would have the population of 486,000 with 157,000 chances for employment.

The western resources region would have around a population of 126,000 with 180 jobs available.