UAE's HOMEGROWN BRAND Broccoli announces major expansion plans as they aim for 300 outlets by 2018

Mr. Khaled Odeh - Vice President, Brocolli Pizza and Pasta LLC

Mr. Khaled Odeh - Vice President, Brocolli Pizza and Pasta LLC

Initially, Broccoli’s business model focused on direct operation of restaurant outlets
Now, through strategic franchising, the brand is set to grow its operations from 5 to 12 markets globally by next year

Broccoli Pizza and Pasta LLC (also known as Broccoli) a self-operating Italian restaurant headquartered in Dubai, serving exceptional quality food, has now eagerly announced a worldwide expansion, with 79 restaurants under construction, in over 12 countries. Broccoli’s ambition is to dominate the Italian restaurant market with mouth-watering Italian cuisine in over 300 outlets by 2018.

Commencing operations in 2011, Broccoli has generated an exciting buzz with franchise buyers across MENA, Asia and Europe, due to its well-known reputation as a quality pizza and pasta brand across the world.

When Broccoli first opened its doors, the fresh and familiar aroma of Italian cooking welcomed thousands of customers to an experience where their food is made exactly how they like it. Within a few months, Broccoli was able to announce the opening of a second outlet and this the domino effect continues to today, with 95 restaurants in UAE, KSA, UK and India.

Richard Kay, Global Franchise Sales Manager, “Within 6 years of the launch, we are proud and excited about our reach, which is set to grow to 12 countries by 2018. We are grateful to our customers and stakeholders for making us a brand to reckon with. We have put years into researching the markets around the world with the aid of PICO International, focusing on the busiest locations and offering exactly what we stand for- quality & taste at all outlets to our loyal customers.”

Following a widely successful launch and impressive commercial reception, word spread about Broccoli, urging them to open more outlets domestically and internationally. The world was hit by a storm of aromatic pasta sauces, handcrafted pizzas, and first-class customer service.

With it’s unique spin on a classic restaurant environment, Broccoli encourages its customers to customize their own meals, ensuring they receive beautiful, fresh Italian cooking, just the way they like it.

Although Broccoli Pizza and Pasta mainly focuses on the staple Italian classics, such as, pizza, pasta, salad, soup, and lasagna, they are not afraid to dip their toes into the unknown and try something different. In 2015, Broccoli introduced the Pesto Pasta dish to their menu, generating astounding annual sales of over USD$200,000.

“Nothing at Broccoli Pizza and Pasta is compromised upon, especially our strict quality standards, which we maintain at all times. The customers are our main focus, and we want to ensure positive experiences in all our restaurants worldwide. Broccoli is one of the fastest growing franchises in the world and we are committed to the future of our business. We thank all our strategic partners, who have successfully adopted our culture and became a part of a profitable system,” he added.

The Broccoli brand name speaks for itself; committed to serving delicious freshly prepared Italian food, promoting healthy eating, whilst retaining the tantalizing tastes of the heart of Italy. The surge in franchise opportunities are a direct result of maintaining enticing dishes at affordable prices, in a friendly and unique environment. At the heart of it all, Broccoli’s loyal customer base has continued to grow in huge numbers since its establishment in 2011.

An unwavering commitment to quality and taste; Broccoli does not shy away from changing and adapting their menus across their global markets. Food is an enjoyment, and an experience; Broccoli continues to focus on serving delicious dishes worldwide.

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