| 02 March, 2018

DISCOP Dubai Wraps on a Strong Note With Announcement of New Market in Sharm El-Sheikh

DUBAI & LOS ANGELES | The second Dubai edition of the DISCOP film, television, online content, and adaptation rights market wrapped up earlier this weekon a strong note with 687 delegates in attendance, including 282 buyers, representing broadcasters, pay-tv operators and streaming platforms, primarily operating in the Middle East, Northern Africa and the Indian Sub-Continent.

As is the trademark of DISCOP markets, a host of deals were announced during 3 days of intense meetings and networking, with the exhibition space busy until the very last moment of the market.

Turkish companies Inter Medya and Mistco TV, along with Europe’s Mondo TV were just some of the companies that announced deals during the event.


Highlights from DISCOP Dubai included the ARAB FORMAT ACCELERATOR initiative that showcased 25 original scripted and unscripted shows ready to be adapted for Middle Eastern audiences, as well as a rich program of conferences and panel discussions focusing on coproduction opportunities.

Another highlight was the event’s opening keynote address from Dr. Riyadh Najm, CEO of Saudi Media Measurement Company, in which he gave valuable insights into the programming trends in Saudi Arabia, a country of some 30 million people, of which two-thirds are Saudi and one-third are ex-patriots. These insights were particularly relevant and topical in light of Saudi Arabia’s recent pledge of $64 billion into the entertainment sector.

DISCOP Dubai hosted India as this year’s Guest Country and more than 50 delegates representing in excess of 30 entertainment and media companies from India attended the market.

Additionally, a presentation from Sang Uk Park of The Korea Creative Content Agency (Kocca) also provided insights into another growing market, as he elaborated, "In 2011, format sales were just one million dollars a year, and in 2016 that number grew to 50 million, so they multiplied by 50."

DISCOP Dubai reflected the growing business links between the Middle East, the Sub-Continent, and Africa, leading to the exciting announcement that from 2019, DISCOP will move its Middle East-focused market to Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt.  

Patrick ZUCHOWICKI, CEO of DISCOP, explains further: “Egypt is the region’s most prolific entertainment content producer with a population of 100 million people and a very dynamic industry. Bringing our Middle East-focused market to Africa will also strengthen our presence on the continent at a time where we see more and more partnerships between these two parts of the world.”

DISCOP Sharm El-Sheikh will take place from 26 to 28 February 2019 and will host Saudi Arabia as the official Guest Country, re-enforcing the importance of regional links and alliances.



Founded in 1991, DISCOP markets facilitate film, television, digital content and adaptation rights business in fast-developing world regions that are gradually taking on more developed entertainment and media marketplaces. These world-regions are also disrupting existing foreign sales and international coproduction business models.

Close to one hundred markets have taken place since 1991 in hotels and convention centers located in cities that play a key role in these dynamic marketplaces: Abidjan, Accra, Budapest, Dakar, Dubai, Istanbul, Johannesburg, Kuala Lumpur, Nairobi, Tashkent and Warsaw. 

DISCOP markets deliver meetings and visibility necessary to build relationships, pitch projects and close deals. They also provide valuable, actionable information and tools, along with unparalleled connections otherwise impossible. 

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