|16 May, 2018

New to Dubai? Know these changes during Ramadan

Know about these changes to make Ramadan an easier experience.

New to Dubai? Know these changes during Ramadan

Ramadan is the ninth month in the Islamic Calendar when Muslims fast from dawn to dusk for the entire holy month. There are certain norms that change during Ramadan which have been put up on the UAE government website. Know about these changes to make Ramadan an easier experience.

Working hours

The Federal Law No. 8 of 1980 regarding Labour Law and its amendments states that working hours be reduced by two hours during Ramadan. This is applicable to non-Muslims as well without a pay cut.


Opening hours of restaurants

During Ramadan most restaurants are closed during the hours of fasting and open after the evening prayers. However, some eating outlets might offer food within enclosed areas.

While, there are restaurants and cafes that are open during the fasting hours also and people are free to order food for take it away to consume in private.

If planning to eat dinner at restaurants then prior booking is advisable as restaurants are usually busy during the evenings.

Opening hours of groceries

Supermarkets and groceries will be open as usual.

Fasting and driving behaviour

Fasting during Ramadan may affect sleeping pattern and people might experience daytime drowsiness and this in turn might affect driving performance. Hence, it is advised to get adequate sleep, exercise regularly and eat meals at a fixed time as well as start routine journey early to avoid speeding on the roads.

Availability of taxis

Evenings can get little chaotic if you want to get a taxi as several drivers would be breaking their fast. Consider booking a taxi in advance to avoid hassle.

Parking timings

Parking timings also change during Ramadan and relevant information about the parking timings, fees, and modes of payment are indicated on parking metres in the designated areas.

One can contact the government transport entities in each emirate for more information about the timings and fees during Ramadan.

Opening hours of malls

Most malls will be open during the day and stay open later than the usual timings.

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