UAE Public Prosecution releases awareness video on bribery

Campaign to raise legal awareness in the community


ABU DHABI - The UAE Public Prosecution has released a short film on bribery on its social media accounts, as part of its campaign to raise legal awareness in the community.

A maximum sentence of five years shall be the punishment of any person who directly or indirectly promises, offers or gives an undue gift or privilege of any kind to a government employee or any other person, the Public Prosecution explained.

According to the video, Article (237) of the Federal Penal Code stipulates that ''A prison sentence not exceeding five years shall be imposed upon any public official or person in charge of a public service who requests or accepts, for himself or for another, a gift or advantage of any kind or promise of any such things for performance of or abstention from an act which is not included in his duties.''

The same penalty shall apply to any one who intercedes to influence the briber or the bribed to offer, demand, accept, receive or promise a bribe.

The punishment of crimes like bribery serves to preserve the integrity of public service and protect public servants from being involved in such despicable acts by empowering them to report even a suggestion of bribery.

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