PAKISTAN has the unique honor of supplying footballs for use in the Soccer World Cup of 2014 and the recently-concluded Football World Cup 2018 held in Russia and not having a team in the much loved and adored tournament of world soccer. The latest football manufactured by Pakistan came to be known as Telstar 18, which was manufactured by Forward Sports Company, a renowned company of the city of Sialkot famous world over for production of sports goods. This time Forward Sports was entrusted with the task of making the footballs for the big summer tournament.

The company is contracting-manufactures of global sports apparel giant Adidas for which it has made the footballs for the FIFA World Cup 2018. Though it is not confirmed how many footballs Adidas had ordered for the World Cup but the company is approximately making around 700,000 per month.

When and how Sialkot got famous for the soccer balls is itself very interesting. The history of soccer ball production is traced back to British colonial era of the region. The Britons who were very fond of football used to order their stock from Britain and at times they would get impatient with the waiting time for shipment of footballs to arrive by sea. It is said that in 1886 a British sergeant asked a Sialkoti saddle maker to repair his punctured ball and impressed with his skills he placed order with him for a batch of football. Since then the city is producing major share of footballs for the game, players and lovers.