DOHA: Friday is anticipated to bring hazy conditions initially, with moderate daytime temperatures accompanied by scattered clouds or partial cloudiness, as per the latest update from the Department of Meteorology. The daily weather report forecasts the possibility of slight dust to blowing dust in certain areas.


Offshore, the weather is expected to feature scattered clouds, but the report issues a cautionary note, warning residents about the likelihood of strong winds and high seas.


Inshore wind patterns are projected to be predominantly southeasterly, ranging from 8 to 18 knots, occasionally gusting up to 25 knots. Meanwhile, offshore areas will experience southeasterly winds at 11 to 21 knots, with gusts reaching up to 28 knots intermittently.


Visibility inshore during daylight hours is expected to range from 4 to 8 km, occasionally dropping to less than that in certain locations. Offshore visibility is estimated to be between 5 to 9 km.


The sea state closer to the shore is predicted to have waves ranging from 2 to 4 feet, occasionally rising to 5 feet. Offshore, the sea conditions are expected to be more challenging, with waves ranging from 3 to 6 feet, occasionally surging up to 9 feet. Residents and seafarers are advised to stay informed and take necessary precautions as they navigate these potentially hazardous weather conditions.

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