Over 2.5 million worshippers converged at the Grand Mosque in Makkah to participate in the Isha and Tarawih prayers on the 29th night of Ramadan, marking the completion of the Qur'an recitation. The Grand Mosque had been bustling since early morning, as Umrah performers and worshippers gathered to partake in this spiritually significant event.

Led by Sheikh Abdul Rahman Al-Sudais, the prayers were a profound moment of devotion, with supplications for the forgiveness and salvation of the Muslim Ummah. The General Presidency for the Affairs of the Grand Mosque and the Prophet's Mosque had made extensive preparations to ensure the comfort and convenience of all attendees. These included the arrangement of transportation carts, meticulous cleaning and disinfection efforts, and effective management of prayer areas.

Worshippers expressed their gratitude for the exceptional services provided by the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, lauding the leadership's dedication to the Two Holy Mosques. They were especially appreciative of the facilities that made their spiritual journey more comfortable, such as escalators, air conditioning, and well-organized entry and exit processes.

The devotees also prayed for blessings upon Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques King Salman and the Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, for their unwavering commitment to the welfare of the mosques and the guests of Allah.

Simultaneously, the Prophet’s Mosque in Madinah witnessed the completion of the Qur'an recitation during the Tarawih prayers, enveloping the attendees in a serene and peaceful ambiance. Sheikh Salah Al-Budair led the prayers, seeking forgiveness for the entire Muslim community. The General Presidency had undertaken thorough preparations to facilitate the influx of worshippers, ensuring their safety and comfort through well-organized access routes and amenities like Zamzam water distribution and seating arrangements for the elderly.

This collective observance of Laylat Al-Qadr in both holy mosques underscores the Kingdom's efforts in enhancing the spiritual experience for Muslims from around the globe, embodying the spirit of Ramadan and reinforcing the sense of unity and devotion among the faithful.

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