The anti-drug awareness campaign, launched by the Abu Dhabi Community Legal Awareness Centre, 'Masouliya', " at the Judicial Department, has been expanded to include the display of educational materials and awareness films in commercial centers in Abu Dhabi, with the aim of reaching a wide array of different segments of society, to enhance knowledge about these risks, ensuring the achievement of the preventive role of protection from falling into the clutches of abuse and addiction.

This step comes as part of the continuous efforts to achieve the objectives of the expanded campaign, which was launched last May and will continue for six months, in implementation of the directives of His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan, Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of the Presidential Court, and Head of the Judicial Department in Abu Dhabi, to consolidate legal culture and disseminate community awareness, in a way that supports maintaining security and stability and protecting community members.

In this context, the campaign focuses on clarifying the reasons leading to the abuse of narcotic substances, , whether related to individual reasons for the abuser, family reasons such as familial disintegration, or societal reasons such as lack of awareness of the legislation and laws punishing this act, with reference to the effects of the abuse, whether related to mental health such as sleep disturbance, delusions, anxiety, depression, tension, and introversion, or physical health effects, such as heart trouble, general fatigue, headaches and pneumonia.

The awareness campaign also focuses on ways to prevent and recover from the scourge of drug and psychotropic substance abuse, and shedding light on the indications and the consequences, in addition to introducing the legal and legislative aspects, and showing ways to help the addict receive treatment without being brought to court, highlighting the role of parents and how to act upon discovery that one of the children has fallen victim of drug abuse, throuhg showing care and continuous follow-up to support rehabilitation programmes.