Dubai – The Robotics and Automation Society held its first meeting at Dubai Future Labs, gathering industry experts, researchers, innovators, scientists and engineers in the field of R&A. The new society will support local talent development, accelerate the research, creation and adoption of robotics and automation systems and solutions, as well as connect experts working in the field.

The society will also hold events and activities to support the growth of the UAE’s digital economy It aims to consolidate the UAE’s position as a global hub for robotics and automation, R&D, smart cities and societies of the future.

Members of the society include Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri, Director of the Center for Future Studies at the University of Dubai, who joins as President, and Dr. Ali Abu Zinjal, Director of the Digital Transformation Department at the Sharjah Research, Technology and Innovation Park, who joins as Vice President. Muhammad Al Shamsi, Founder of RoboHiTec, joins as Secretary General, while Khalifa Al-Qama, Director of the Dubai Future Labs, is Financial Secretary. Dr. Abdul Rahman Al-Mahmoud, Researcher at the Secure Systems Research Center at the Technological Innovation Institute, Dr. Fahd Al-Maskari, Assistant Professor in the Aerospace Engineering Department at Khalifa University, and Ibrahim Al-Najjar, Director of Information Technology Department at DP World, join as board members.

Dr. Saeed Al Dhaheri, President of the Robotics and Automation Society said: “The society will contribute to strengthening the UAE’s position as a leader in developing applications and solutions for robotics and automation in various sectors. This will support its leadership in designing the future by leveraging latest technologies in order to enhance the robotics sector, achieve the goals of the ‘We the UAE 2031’ plan along with the UAE Centennial 2071, as well as help cultivate a culture of future shaping in the UAE.”

Members of the Robotics and Automation Society include Abd Al-Rahman Ali Al-Mahmoud, Ahmad Mana AlAttar, Ali Saeed Al Ali, Issa Ibrahim Basaed, Fahd Saeed Al-Maskari, Hamad Ateeq Al-Darmaki, Hind Abd Al-Razzaq Al-Ahmad, Ibrahim Muhammad Al-Najjar, Ismail Suleiman Al Ali, Khalifa Juma Al-Qama, Khalifa Hamad Al-Muhairi, Maitha Musabah Al-Qaidi, Majid Muhammad Khonji, Muhammad Matar Al-Shamsi, Muhammad Ali Al-Zaabi, Muhammad Saeed Khoury, Musab Obaid Al-Hammadi, Nawaf Ibrahim Al-Mousa, Rashid Khaled Al-Suwaidi, Saeed Khalfan Al-Dhaheri, Talib Muhammad Al-Hinai.

Following the issuance resolution No. 132 of 2022, the Ministry of Community Development has registered the Robotics and Automation Society as a public benefit establishment with its headquarters in Dubai.

In addition to supporting the development of robotics and automation, the society will host conferences, workshops, competitions and events. It will also encourage members to exchange scientific knowledge and research as well as organize courses, providing an educational platform and practical opportunities for members, in addition to supporting new, innovative ideas.

To know more about the society and how to become a member please visit the official website: (