Jordan - St. George’s University (SGU) School of Medicine, Grenada, in the Caribbean, will be attending the 22nd GESCO Academic Exhibition in Jordan, set to be held in-person, on 5 and 6 October, at the Landmark Hotel in Amman.

Founded as a school of medicine in 1976, SGU has evolved into a center of international medical education. At the upcoming Academic Exhibition, students can learn more about becoming a doctor in the US or UK with SGU. Students can also find out more about The Caribbean as a study destination, admission requirements, application processes, and the different pathways SGU provides. GESCO was established in 2007 and strives to ensure equal access to education and excellence throughout the Arab nation. GESCO primarily supports students on their journey to studying in the UK.

The Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan Ministry of Higher Education recognizes St. George’s University School of Medicine on its ‘Recognition and Certificates Equivalency Directorate’, offering a pathway for SGU graduates to return to Jordan with their equivalent medical degree.

“SGU’s attendance at the event offers a chance for aspiring doctors to explore the opportunity of gaining experience in Grenada, the US and UK, with an option to start immediately after graduating from high school. We have over 20,000 school of medicine graduates who have practiced all over the world, and according to Federation of State Medical Boards physician licensure data in 2021, SGU is the largest source of doctors for the entire US workforce. The GESCO Academic Exhibition is an opportunity for us to connect with students in Jordan looking to study medicine abroad,” says David Anthonisz, Director, International Student Recruitment.


About St. George’s University School of Medicine:

Founded in 1976 with the goal of drawing the best talent and practices from around the world, St. George’s University (SGU) has become a leading center for academic excellence worldwide. With students and faculty drawn from more than 150 countries, SGU is truly an international institution, with a uniquely global perspective, perfectly poised to help educate students in this rapidly changing world. St. George’s University School of Medicine has a four-year Doctor of Medicine degree program or offers five-, six-, and seven-year pathways to its Doctor of Medicine (MD) degree program with entry points available for students from any education system around the world. SGU has a large network of 75+ affiliated hospitals and health centers in the US and UK and also has a unique opportunity for students to begin their medical career in Grenada or the United Kingdom.