• Latin American eco-brand Ecoins partners with ZeLoop to expand their global reach
  • ZeLoop wins Start-up Pitch competition at Seamless Middle East 2022

 Dubai: ZeLoop, an innovative app and business platform that rewards users, who proactively help protect the environment by depositing plastics for recycling is showing UAE audiences how to become more sustainable, while generating rewards both in the metaverse and non-virtual worlds. A recent study by Ipsos conducted among 20,513 adults under the age of 75 across 28 countries showed 88% of consumers believe it is essential, very important or important to have an international treaty to combat plastic pollution, and Latin America (93%), BRIC countries (91%) and the Middle East/Africa (90%) are the regions showing the highest levels of agreement. 

ZeLoop aligns with government, NGO, private and CSR brands to empower their individuals and organizations to be part of the change in the region and beyond. In Q2 2022, Mai Dubai and ZeLoop entered into a partnership providing consumers with discount vouchers providing cash rewards for collecting plastic bottles. 1 bottle = 1 AED purchasing power, and with 22 bottles collected Mai Dubai customers can get 22AED off the purchase of their next order of water. From the outset Mai Dubai has taken sustainability seriously, with their Dubai factory 100 per cent powered by clean, solar energy via their rooftop solar installation, which is the largest in the Middle East and second largest in the world, generating over 18 megawatts of electricity, saving 15,500 tons of CO2 per year.

With the UAE’s environmental focus, including Abu Dhabi’s ban on single-use plastic (SUP) bags from June 2022 onward, and global campaigns, including Plastic Free July powered by the Plastic Free Foundation, audiences are being educated how to help the environment, make better choices and employ safer more efficient ways to reduce their plastic usage daily. ZeLoop allows UAE users to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste (with an initial focus on plastic bottles) and get rewarded for their efforts.

“ZeLoop’s ultimate aim is to stop the planet from being choked with more plastic junk,” said Eric Schaffner, founder, and CEO of ZeLoop.  Plastic remains useful but Earth is suffering due to the large-scale use of plastics produced by the food and beverage industries, carefree disposal, lack of consumer awareness, and the lack of proper facilities for disposal. “Producers and consumers are equally responsible,” he added.  “With the millions of tons of plastics produced over the years ending up in oceans and landfills, closing the loop on properly disposing of plastics has become imperative. This was our core motivation in creating ZeLoop. We want to make the act of recycling plastic fun and profitable for the participants while preventing plastic waste from entering the environment.”

ZeLoop adds gamification elements such as ranks based on collection activity, cryptocurrency rewards, and even real-world prizes to help motivate and educate consumers.  The app also incorporates blockchain and metaverse technologies and rewards, as 80 billion BEP-20 tokens have been issued on the Binance Smart Chain blockchain and will be distributed through the ZeLoop app. Currently, these tokens can be exchanged for sustainable goods and services, and since the Eco Rewards (ERW) are listed on digital exchanges, they are fungible, creating a secondary market.

How Can You Get Involved?

ZeLoop is available for download on Android and iOS. People the world-over can download the app and contribute to the reduction of plastic waste by mapping collection points, collecting bottles, and earn tokens for helping to protect the planet. The app also rewards users for successfully inviting others to download it.

Download the ZeLoop App now and contribute towards saving the planet in a fun-filled way by participating in ZeLoop games and win awesome rewards for doing so! ZeLoop is seeking sponsors and investors in the packaging, food, and beverage industries, impact investors, and others that support this noble social cause.