DeepMinds was poised to cluster the DeepTech landscape in MENA, at LEAP 2024, which was from March 4th to March 7th, 2024, in Riyadh.

In this third edition of LEAP, the event stood as a global congregation of attendees from more than 183 countries, welcoming 1000 plus speakers. This premier tech event served as an unrivalled platform to explore cutting-edge technologies and solutions that were reshaping the digital landscape.

At LEAP 2024, DeepMinds unveiled its efficient business model to venture building and DeepTech innovations through a captivating exhibit titled "Venture Building and DeepTech at LEAP 2024." This Participation in LEAP 2024 underscored DeepMinds’ commitment to accelerating transition to DeepTech innovation and localization.

Visitors to booth H3 F222 had the opportunity to gain insights into the venture building model and explore the process of catalysing the localisation of DeepTech innovations firsthand. Moreover, the DeepMinds team have received many distinguished industry experts, visionary founders, and strategic partners. It was a testament to the compelling nature of DeepMinds' initiatives and the strong interest from key stakeholders in advancing technological innovation and shaping the future landscape of DeepTech.

Commenting on this occasion, Amine Staali, CEO of DeepMinds, expressed excitement, stating, "We were thrilled to be part of LEAP 2024, an important event driving technological advancement. Through our focus on venture building and DeepTech, we aimed to push the boundaries of innovation and shape the localization landscape across various sectors," while introducing attendees to DeepMinds’ latest ventures.

Dr Abdenour Haddou, CTO of DeepMinds, echoed this sentiment, adding, "LEAP 2024 provided an ideal platform to showcase our ventures portfolio and explore new partnerships. We were excited to collaborate with industry leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators to drive meaningful impact and redefine the possibilities of technology."

Mohan Ranasinghe, CFO of DeepMinds, emphasized the importance of having the right funding vehicles and a curated investment process in building a deeptech venture in the region, stating, "At DeepMinds, we recognize the critical role of funding and investment in fuelling innovation and driving impactful ventures forward. We are committed to leveraging strategic partnerships and investments to accelerate the growth of Deepech ventures and drive positive change in the industry."

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About DeepMinds:

DeepMinds is a DeepTech venture building catalyser, specialized in validating, building, and scaling impactful DeepTech ventures that catalyze tech localization in the MENA region and facilitate global advances across strategic sectors. We curate a thriving "Cluster Ecosystem" with a core focus on efficient execution by unifying resources to define and develop the technologies of tomorrow.