• The objectives of the workshops align with the ADAFSA’s strategic vision to contribute to the country's National Food Security Strategy for the year 2051
  • Workshops intend to support food security through precise sample taking and analysis

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates: Al Ajban Poultry and the Emirates Veterinary Association have organized a series of specialized workshops with the objective of training professionals on the latest cutting-edge technology and techniques used to collect laboratory samples and analyse plant or animals to detect diseases with the highest global standards. Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority participated in the workshops as part of its commitment to enhance collaboration with third and private sectors.

The objectives of the workshops align with ADAFSA’s strategic vision to contribute to the country's National Food Security Strategy for 2051, which aims to provide safe, wholesome and adequate food supplies to meet the needs of all members of society.

As part of Al Ajban Poultry’s corporate social responsibility, the workshops play a major role in the organization’s fulfillment of its duties to the community. Dr. Mohammed Ezzat El Agamy, General Manager, expressed his pride in the collaboration with Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority and the Emirates Veterinary Association stressed the importance of cooperation between the government, private sectors and civil society institutions in the field of ensuring food security.

Dr. Mohammed said: “These workshops are the results of the strategic agreement signed by Al Ajban Poultry with the Emirates Veterinary Association to contribute to the UAE’s Food Security Index by offering advice and opportunities for learning about the latest technology and international practices in the field of detecting animal diseases, especially the ones that affect poultry.”

Dr. Roula Shaaban Ibrahim President of the Emirates Veterinary Association and World Veterinary Association Councilor for Middle East and North Africa, said: “The workshops provide training of the highest level to veterinarians, specialists and technicians, which contribute to disease prevention and diversifying the knowledge base in the veterinary field that supports the successful implementation of our food security strategy. This is highly beneficial for those working in the industry, as they will be receiving the best training of global scientific techniques, which will have its positive effects on the research and development of the food industry according to best practices and highest standards in this crucial field."

Bader Al Shehi, the official spokesperson from the Abu Dhabi Agriculture and Food Safety Authority, said, "The Authority contributes to the promotion of food and biosphere security through applying the concepts of sustainable development, and the adoption of the latest and most advanced technology in poultry and livestock breeding processes, as well as agricultural operations. The support this provides for the quality of local products and their position in the market, and for those working in these sectors to strengthen the state's food security, is immensely valuable. Achieving success in food security can be accomplished in an integrated manner through these workshops in collaboration with Al Ajban and the Emirates Veterinary Association."

He added that the Authority is working to develop and control a sustainable food system that is effective and integrated with agro-development empowerment plans that are applied through innovation, investment and the promotion of good practices, which in turn enhance the competitiveness of local products, and raise awareness in, and the participation of, the community by promoting the use of locally produced and grown products.