Abu Dhabi: Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company, one of the leading Insurance Companies in the United Arab Emirates announced the launch of the "School and Family Care Package".

This marks a new milestone in the Company’s legacy by being its first pre-underwritten and 100% Digital product and the first product to be in their line of the ‘Care’ range of Assurance Plans dedicated to the U.A.E. community.

Mr. Mohd. Mazhar Hamadeh, General Manager of Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company, said “We take great pride in announcing the launch of our ‘School & Family Care Package’, a Product with the added benefit of Involuntary Loss of Employment (as per the terms of the policy) cover designed for families in the U.A.E. to protect their children’s education cost and their well-being.

Mr. Mohd. Mazhar added: "Al Ain Ahlia Insurance Company has a long history and heritage of being one of the most trusted insurance companies in the U.A.E. since its establishment in 1975, and we are very proud to be a part of this community which makes this dynamic country"

"We understand the extent of the uncertainties and difficulties that are faced by both businesses and individuals working in the U.A.E. over the past years, especially families who were affected".

He continued by saying: "Amidst these challenging times, we as individuals working and residing in the U.A.E. felt duty bound to contribute towards the care of the families that live amongst us and provide help towards relieving the anxiety and everyday fears that affect all of us by providing a simple, affordable and hassle-free way to access immediate relief for the families of the U.A.E.”

"Accordingly, as part of our Corporate Social Responsibility, we thought that the presence of an assurance plan to help families meet the immediate costs of their children's school education would be reassuring and would give parents true peace of mind during their toughest of times".

For these reasons, our new product, the School and Family Care Package was created; to look after families within the U.A.E. while assuring the continuity of their children's school education. 

Product Highlights:

The ‘School and Family Care Package’ covers the immediate costs of children’s school tuition and other associated schooling expenses. It also provides support for urgent, vital, and essential expenses. Relief is provided in the event of Involuntary Loss of Employment of the primary breadwinner or Loss of Life, Permanent Total Disability or Terminal Illness of either of the parents (as per the terms and conditions of the policy). 

The children declared are automatically provided with personal accident cover and there is an option to include personal accident cover for the parents too.

This product has been unprecedentedly designed for parents up to 65 years of age, has 100% acceptance criteria, and can be purchased on the Company's website simply in a matter of minutes. To learn more about the Product visit our website https://alaininsurance.com/en-us/home/school-and-family-care-package /or scan the below QR code.