UAE residents are bracing themselves for a stormy Monday as the country experiences moderate to heavy rainfall accompanied by thunder, lightning, and hail. The National Centre of Meteorology (NCM) has issued orange and yellow alerts, urging individuals to be vigilant and prepared for the expected hazardous weather events.

Schools and offices have made the decision to work from home to ensure the safety of employees and students.

Mohammed Tariq, a resident of Dubai, is relieved to be working from home tomorrow. As a father, he appreciates the opportunity to spend time with his children and keep them safe during the thunderstorm.

“My 6-year-old gets really scared of thunderstorms, so me being at home will be reassuring for him,” Mohammed told Khaleej Times.

With the added advantage of avoiding traffic and the inclement weather, Mohammed plans to make the most of the day by keeping his children indoors, closing the windows, and ensuring their safety.

Coping with inclement weather

Residents praised UAE authorities for putting in place a system letting the public know of the weather forecast and helping them cope better with inclement weather.

Olla Abbas, a medical advisor and Abu Dhabi resident, has to go to work despite the weather conditions. As a precautionary measure, she plans to leave her home one hour earlier than usual to account for potential delays caused by the rain. Olla works in a government office within the private sector, and being punctual is essential to her responsibilities. By leaving ahead of time, she aims to reach her workplace safely and efficiently.

Dola Yousif, a Syrian expat studying medicine in Abu Dhabi, attends university classes that are only ten minutes away. However, given the conditions, she intends to opt for a taxi instead of waiting for the bus. This way, she can ensure a more comfortable commute.

“I will definitely try to stay updated with weather forecasts and road conditions. I will also make sure I’m carrying an umbrella, wearing appropriate rain gear, and ensuring I am aware of my surroundings,” she added.

‘Be always alert’

The Ministry of Interior has advised residents to exercise caution and reduce driving speed due to reduced horizontal visibility on the roads. The ministry has also warned against venturing into the sea and urged people to stay away from beaches. The sea conditions may become rough, especially with cloud activity, in the Arabian Gulf and the Oman Sea. It is essential to comply with the advice provided by the authorities to ensure personal safety and well-being during this period of unstable weather.


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