NEOM — NEOM has teamed up with the renowned Saudi music entertainment powerhouse, MDLBEAST, to introduce an unparalleled beach club experience on the luxurious Sindalah Island. This collaboration is set to redefine luxury island entertainment, merging top-tier musical acts with a stunning beachfront location.

The Sindalah Beach Club is poised to offer a unique blend of music, culture, and year-round premium experiences to a wide-ranging audience. Managed entirely by MDLBEAST from initial preparations to day-to-day operations, the club promises to be a vibrant, global destination for cultural celebration and creative expression. Guests can look forward to a lineup of world-class musicians, artists, and DJs, all complemented by state-of-the-art audio and visual installations.

Antoni Vives, NEOM's Chief Urban Planning and Islands Officer, emphasized that Sindalah aims to pioneer a new standard in luxury travel and living, focusing on innovation and sustainability. "MDLBEAST's vision is to elevate the beach club concept into a technologically advanced experience, making full use of Sindalah's iconic status."

The partnership underscores a commitment to sustainable luxury, with the club's design and operations planned to minimize environmental impact while maximizing aesthetic appeal. The architecture will integrate with the island's natural beauty, ensuring a responsible yet luxurious visitor experience.

Ramadan Alharatani, CEO of MDLBEAST, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership, highlighting the goal to transform the beach club into a vibrant hub of energy and culture. "The collaboration aims to craft an immersive environment, offering exquisite dining, exclusive VIP areas, and panoramic views that encapsulate the essence of MDLBEAST and the spirit of Sindalah Island."

Scheduled to open its doors in 2024, Sindalah Beach Club invites guests to indulge in a comprehensive waterfront experience, from poolside relaxation to beachfront luxury, marking the first of NEOM’s ventures to be launched, setting a high standard for future developments.

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