Riyadh: As part of the Riyadh Season activities, the Saudi "SnowBlast KSA" activities began today at the Kingdom Arena on the northern outskirts of Riyadh.

The event, the first of its kind in Saudi Arabia, is scheduled to take place on snow areas weighing more than 500 tons, shared by snow slopes for freestyle skiing, areas for games and family activities, and events accompanying the championship.

Within the four-day event, the Saudi Snow Blast Cup, in which more than 30 Olympic and world champions in the sport of freestyle skiing are participating, will be launched tomorrow.

The activities also include family activities such as playing with snowballs and making snowmen, in addition to theatrical and light shows, roaming shows, and an area dedicated to food.

The organization of the Saudi Snow Blast Cup comes as one of the international sports activities with a wide audience that aims to attract professionals and amateurs of freestyle skiing sports this month amid a group of distinctive winter experiences to create world-class sports and entertainment activities for the residents of the Kingdom and visitors to the Riyadh Season.

The cup events will witness great competitions between freestyle skiing professionals, which will be the focus of attention of those interested in this type of winter events all over the world, and will contribute to making the Riyadh season a hub for hosting events of wide global interest, and giving visitors an exceptional experience in the Riyadh winter. Tickets can be booked through the link: https://webook.com/ar/events/snowblast-ksa-regular-tickets.