The Eid Al-Fitr celebrations in Qatar are marked by a cheerful festive atmosphere featuring a variety of activities, including live music shows and energetic children’s performances that captivate all residents and visitors.

During the ongoing celebrations, the Old Souq Al Wakrah is witnessing an unprecedented turnout of families and visitors from citizens, residents and tourists.

Talking to Qatar Tribune, Dr Dina Sulaimani, professor of sociology, said the musical bands, with their vibrant lacy attire and joyful drumming at times or with enthusiastic musical accompaniment at other times, spread joy among visitors in both Souq Waqif and the Old Souq Al-Wakra.

“I was there when the band (Jelly Fish) performed on Al Wakra Beach the displays of glowing marine creatures pacing back and forth along the beach walkway on long wooden poles, and tourists’ cameras captured them to preserve these beautiful moments. This made me proud of Qatar, which made Eid Al-Fitr celebration a carnival for all,” she said.

She added, “Visitors and families from all over the country are eager to visit the popular markets because they serve as a haven from life’s stresses, a source of visual delight and mental succour for families with children. The atmosphere of originality and simple living draws families in and evokes memories of a bygone era.

“Two bands’ shows in the old market of Al Wakrah presented a total of eight performances for a time ranging from a quarter-hour to a half-hour for each performance. They entertained the audience with musical and fun performances that made the place cheerful and joyful.”

A number of visitors at the Old Al-Wakra market expressed their happiness with the atmosphere and events provided to bring joy into the souls of their children.

They pointed out that the reason for choosing the old market for the Eid holidays is due to the simplicity of the two places, the presence of games and events that meet the desires of their children in order to develop their concentration skills, as well as interaction with society.

Architect Majdi Al-Zoubi said, “The old Souq Al-Wakra is distinguished by its historic urban character, which keeps the distinctive features of traditional Qatari architecture, whether in stores, the layout of streets, the way they are paved or the colours of their walls.

He said, “The old Al Wakrah market is a special place because it contains among its corners all the features of Qatari heritage and its originality, and is presented in visual displays. It is distinguished by its openness to the sea, which made it an ideal place to spend holidays and attracts visitors from outside the region.”

Faisal Al Maadeed, director of Souq Al-Wakra old market, said from the first day of Eid until the fifth day, Al-Wakra Market is witnessing a great turnout of families, visitors and children to experience lovely festivities from 4pm to 10pm.

He said, “The festival features various engaging cultural and artistic exhibits, as well as games for kids that are both fun and skillful, as well as kid-friendly street performances in the market corridors. Families are drawn to the market to purchase at well-known stores and visitors are drawn to folklore and historical performances in Qatar as they take in the festive mood of Eid.”

According to him, Souq Al Wakrah continues to organise the Eid Al-Fitr festival following the successes it recorded during the other festivals in the previous years.

The visitors enjoy soothing atmosphere and unrivalled entertainment as they stroll through the sections of the historic market, enjoying games, popular performances, illuminations of sea life near the beach promenade, musical band shows, and accompanying kid-friendly drawing and coloring activities.

The waterfront also provided an opportunity for the public to rent sea bikes on cruises and take in the brilliant lights near Al-Wakrah Beach, as well as fireworks displays that illuminated the Corniche skylines with captivating colours.

Along the sides of the Souq Al-Wakra, there are a number of well-known eateries and shops that serve various cuisines, including dishes from Qatar that are popular with both locals and visitors.

These establishments also showcase antiques and cultural artifacts that convey an authentic sense of Qatar and its people.

Al-Wakrah Beach was also attracted by its charming colors shimmering on the sea water page at night. Visitors and families have sailed in a world of fun, imagination and attraction, to have a happy holiday, joy and great happiness remain firmly in memory of the smell of beauty.

In a similar vein, there were many festivals that started during the Eid season in Doha, such as the Doha Lights Festival, which started during the holy month of Ramadan and continues throughout the five days of Eid.

Visitors can take in the picturesque lights that adorn the grasses and walls along the Corniche Plaza and the Corniche tunnel, as well as the illuminated fountains and interactive displays shown through screens along the tunnel.

The Eid Al-Fitr celebrations hosted at Katara were regarded as one of the unique festivals that feature a lot of fun and entertainment. At these celebrations, children received gifts, heritage shows were held, and fireworks filled up the night sky.

During Eid Al-Fitr, a spectacular daily fireworks display is staged along the Corniche at 9pm, making Doha’s skies sparkle. One of the amazing exhibitions that take place on the Doha Corniche every Eid Al-Fitr illuminates the area with a distinctive fireworks display.

Over the course of the five-day Eid holiday, the Pearl island hosts a variety of musical and entertainment performances for all age groups.

Numerous entertainment-related events and activities, such as fireworks displays, theatrical and parade performances, carnivals, and drone displays, are taking place on Lusail Boulevard to commemorate Eid Al-Fitr.

The Lusail Multipurpose Hall hosted a live performance of the adored children’s cartoon character ‘Shaun the Sheep’ from April 22 to 25.

Up to Thursday, the Asian city is hosting a sports festival with live performances by the greatest musicians and singers.

Families can enjoy themselves at Lusail Winter Wonderland again over the holiday season because the doors are open. Anyone who has never been there has the chance to enjoy a variety of live performances in addition to the entertainment options, libations and delectable food.

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