Riyadh -- Manga Productions, an affiliate of the Mohammed bin Salman MiSK Foundation, organized an event called 'XP' in Riyadh.

The event was held to launch a new group of video games across various gaming platforms. An elite group of media figures, influential content creators, and stakeholders attended the event. It aimed to engage with the players' community in the Kingdom through gaming experiences, exclusive content, and thought-provoking meetings.

 The CEO of Manga Productions Company, Dr. Essam Bukhari, expressed his pride in launching the new games and in the achievements of Saudi talents at the global level in content creation and production, such as 'The Journey' and 'Legends in the Coming of Time', as well as successes in the distribution and anime licenses for both Grandizer and Captain Tsubasa.

 Bukhari stated that the company is proud to publish three games in the Middle East and become the first Saudi company to publish AAA games by young Saudis, adding that investing in them and believing in their abilities is the strategic choice for regional and global competition.

 The games include 'Space Adventures Grendizer: Feast of the Wolves', 'The Smurfs 2: Prisoner of the Green Jewel', and 'Flashback 2'. The 'Grendizer' game includes an epic adventure and a journey to explore the most famous landmarks and characters within a fantastic world created by 'Go Nagai', the author of the original series. Players can also discover a fictional world of surprises in 'The Smurfs 2' and help the famous Smurfs characters rid their world of green gem monsters.

 In the second part of the game, 'Flashback', players prepare to embark on a new mission with Conrad and Aisha in a cyberpunk world full of danger, mystery, and lost memories. The first part of the game was launched in 1992 and sold more than 2 million copies.