Abu Dhabi City Municipality organised the (Winter Initiative) in Dolphin Park on Abu Dhabi Island, through the City Municipality Centre, and in collaboration with the Abu Dhabi Department of Culture And Tourism, Mangrove Adventures company, and numerous entrepreneurs.

The goal is to activate Municipality facilities and promote community participation through recreational events that the Municipality organises to bring joy to everyone.

The recreational and educational event attracted visitors of all groups, classes, and ages who enjoyed many events throughout these exciting wintery conditions. The events were carefully selected to make everyone happy so that everybody has a good time within a family-friendly environment.

Over 4 straight days, children who visited Dolphin Park had a great time, with so many recreational and musical activities, various fun games, exciting cartoon character shows, and educational competitions for the visitors to enjoy.

The event additionally included a bunch of mobile food carts and kiosks which were designed for a wintery feel that goes with the weather and event.

For that, Abu Dhabi affirms its determination to undertake the role it plays in the community and investing its public facilities and this beautiful weather, by organising many recreational and educational events that target all groups and individuals who visit parks and gardens that are located within the geographical scope of the municipality and its affiliated centres, all to promote its community message and the quality of life, as well as to bring joy to the people.