RIYADH - Saudi Arabia' Health Ministry (MoH) provides several free e-services to citizens in order to facilitate and speed up the services for them.

The services that is provided by the MoH through its e-platforms in order to take care of the citizens' health of all age groups and to save the time of those beneficiaries are:

1 - Queries on Treatment Abroad Orders Service. Through which the applicant will be able to follow up on the status of his treatment that he submitted to the Medical Commission and Health Attache General Department via public and local medical commissions, health attaches abroad, or other entities.

The service will assist him in inquiring about the status of his request for treatment abroad, its approval, or its extension, as well as requests for treatment in referral hospitals for non-Saudis inside the Kingdom.

2 - The Premarital Screening. The examination service helps those who are about to get married to find out if there are hereditary blood diseases and some contagious diseases.

The examination aims to give medical advice, options and alternatives to the fiancée about the possibility of transmitting these diseases to the other party in the marriage or children in the future, in order to help them plan a healthy family.

3 - Pregnancy Due Date Calculator. This service offers several advantages that help women take care of their health to ensure an easy pregnancy free of complications and a healthy baby, such as: best time to get pregnant, pregnancy due date calculator.

4 - Vaccination Reminder service for children. MoH has established this service to remind parents of the dates of the basic vaccinations for their children against the diseases targeted for immunization according to the new vaccination schedule of the Ministry.

The parents will be reminded by sending them a message reminding them on a mobile phone or via their emails one week before their child's vaccination date.

5 - Child Vaccination E-Certificate. This service helps parents to issue an e-certificate for their child as a substitute for the paper vaccination card, and it can be obtained at any time through Sehhaty app.

The Child Vaccination E-Certificate is characterized by the fact that it includes all vaccinations since the birth of the child, as well as the ease of viewing the certificate at any time and is an alternative to the paper vaccination certificate.

6 - Mental Health Service: (Qareboon). One of the very important services that the MoH provides, which through it aims to provide psychological textual consultations.

The Qareboon application is considered as an integrated library that contains endless information about mental health with the latest means and methods, such as text materials, infographics, and visual content (video) and it is supervised by a specialized staff and cadres.

7 - Eating Disorder Test. This is also one of the important services provided by the MoH especially for the teenagers, which through the service it helps you to discover whether you have an eating disorder or not.

The Eating Disorder makes the individual take a test consisting of several questions about the way he eats to see if he suffers from eating disorders, which is one of the major problems that may require specialized intervention to solve the problem, such as: anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa and many more.

8 - Body Mass Index (BMI) Calculator. It is a mathematical process based on calculating the body mass of a person for both sexes based on several factors such as height, weight and calculating body mass in order to identify the normal weight.

9 - Calorie Calculate. A service that is provided by the MoH which helps a person to perform a mathematical calculation based on calculating the number of calories consumed per day for both sexes based on several factors such as weight, height, age, and the type of daily physical activity.

10 - Ideal Body Weight (IBW) Calculator. A mathematical process that helps a person to calculate his weight to know his ideal healthy bodyweight (kg) ranges based on height (cm).

11 - Find out if you have a Sleep disorder?. A service that helps people understand the depth of their sleep if they sleep well or suffer from any problems or insomnia, as the ministry provides them with several questions to know their sleep level in addition to practical advice to improve your sleep.

The Ministry noted that this test is not an accurate diagnostic method, and it is important to visit a doctor to diagnose the patient in case the person is suffering during sleeping.

12 - Asthma Control Test. In this service, the Ministry of Health provides an asthma control test for adults and children, which consists of many questions that help them understand their condition, and if it requires the intervention of a doctor.

13 - Prediabetes Risk Test. The service helps the individual to pay attention to its health to avoid the risk of diabetes by providing a test to answer several questions related to the weight, gender, age, exercise level and a question in case the individual has been diagnosed with high blood pressure. And that to obtain advice to help in making the necessary decision, whether by visiting a doctor or through home treatment.

14 - Visual Acuity Test app. The app can be installed on devices for the purpose of measuring visual acuity (VA), as the MoH provides a test in the app similar to the test that is used in the eyes hospitals and clinics.

The MoH confirmed that the test is not a substitute for the measurement of vision that is carried out in eye clinics, noting that the evidence of the accuracy of smart device apps in measuring visual acuity is still limited, and that there is still no accurate app.

15 - Sick Leave Service. The service aims to issue e-sick leaves by linking the relevant authorities represented by the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Interior, the Specialization Authority, and the Ministry of Civil Service.

Through the service, it will automate the procedures between these authorities in an integrated manner through electronic linkage, which will allow the service provider from the health authorities to issue the sick leaves and share them electronically with the beneficiaries.

The service also enables the sick leave report to be shared with the final beneficiary electronically, through text messages, in addition to providing printing feature through the portal.

16 - Anti-Smoking Clinics. These clinics aim to facilitate the access of those wishing to quit smoking to therapeutic services by integrating the clinics within the other sectors providing health services, through which it ensures the provision of a unified service to each referrer with a high quality.

Through these clinics, the Ministry of Health seeks to provide the best preventive and curative services to the largest possible segment, as these services are carried out by qualified and trained cadres, according to the Saudi Clinical Guidelines for Tobacco Cessation Services.

17 - Mawid app service. The service aims to enable both the patient and the service recipient to book the appointments he needs in the primary health care centers in coordination with the Appointments Department, where the patient can book, reschedule, or cancel the appointment in any hospital that he was referred to.

18 - Transactions Inquiry Service. This service aims to help the clients of the Ministry of Health to check the status of the transactions they submitted to the MoH electronically through the Ministry’s portal.

The MoH confirmed that this service is provided without the need for a login name and password, as it enables all the portal visitors who have transaction information at the Ministry of Health to use this service.

19 - E-Prescription Service. This service is distinguished by allowing the user to dispense medicines from commercial pharmacies through remote consultation via MoH' channels.

The Ministry clarified that it is possible to call the MoH call center (937) or to use the Sehhaty app to receive an e-prescription that can be dispensed from the nearest pharmacy without the need to visit a doctor.

20 - E-Employment Services. This service enables citizens to apply for employment, which are announced by the Ministry of Health, and is characterized by the fact that the fees are free.

21 - Interactive Map. The service informs people about the working hours in hospitals, clinics, Primary Healthcare Centers and many more, according to the area to be searched, in order to facilitate the search process for individuals.

The service also includes a List of Mental Health Complexes and Hospitals and a List of Medical rehabilitation services in MOH Hospitals.

22 - Expanded Testing. This service is one of Saudi Arabia's initiatives to confront COVID-19, through which it benefits citizens and residents by enabling them to test for Coronavirus in a number of fixed and mobile sites spread throughout the Kingdom.

23 - Booking an appointment to receive the COVID-19 vaccine service. This service is considered an optional service provided to all citizens and residents to receive the Coronavirus vaccine, enabling them to book an appointment in advance through the Sehhaty app to receive the vaccine at the nearest center.

24 - Registration for COVID-19 In-Home Vaccination for 70+ Years. A home vaccination service for 70-year-olds and over who are eligible to be vaccinated to preserve the safety of their health and protect them from complications of COVID-19 infection, and to reduce the difficulty of them to go to the vaccination centers to get the vaccination.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health is not limited to providing services for citizens but there are many services that benefit residents, students, patients, volunteers and many others in several comprehensive matters that also help them to understand their body and their physical, mental and psychological health, as well as many services for their families.

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