Riyadh: The Saudi Authority for Data and Artificial Intelligence (SDAIA), represented by the National Information Center, continues to offer its technological services to pilgrims benefiting from the Makkah Route Initiative, which is implemented in Malaysia, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Pakistan and Morocco, to facilitate travel procedures from the initiative lounge at these countries' airports in a record time.

SDAIA offers several services under the Makkah Route Initiative, which include: developing a set of high-privacy technological systems in a way that accords with service requirements, such as borders system, Hajj system and passengers registration system, offering technological support through work groups that include engineers and technicians round the clock for SDAIA devices and systems, represented by the national information center in the five countries benefiting from the initiative.

The technical teams of the national information center in these countries seek to ensure technical and technological preparedness for stations of completing the procedures of pilgrims included in the initiative through more than 60 work stations and more than 20 mobile bags that are equipped with biometrics and cameras that operate as mobile work stations.