RIYADH — The Culture Ministry announced on Tuesday the launch of (Abdea) a unified e-platform to issue cultural licenses and permits.

The ministry pointed out that the Cultural Licenses Platform (Abdae) platform enables establishments, the talented Saudi citizens and also the residents and practitioners to issue licenses, permits and cultural services that support them to practice their work in professional ways and according to clear procedures in cultural activities in Saudi Arabia.

The ministry said that its launch of the platform aims to create a cultural sector organized for all cultural practices in an easy and accessible way, noting that they are working to build a cultural environment to be a central point and a possible reference for all practitioners and talented Saudi citizens and residents.

It is noteworthy that the authorities affiliated to the Ministry of Culture have provided several licenses, with the Heritage Authority has providing two licenses, which are:

1 - Craft Practitioner License, which enables citizens practicing craft activities to work in and sell handicrafts.

2 - Selling traditional handicraft products License, which enables the licensee to enter the labor market to sell his products.

As for the Culinary Arts Authority, it provided three licenses and one service, which are:

1 - Saudi Coffee Expert License, which allows its holder to present and provide the experience of Saudi coffee in various cultural events.

2 - Water Sommelier License, which will be offered to a person who is trained in water tasting, and has theoretical and practical experience in the cultural heritage of mineral water and spring water.

3 - A popular food license, which will be granted to individuals to enable them to sell ready-to-eat foods and drinks, as well as to sell them in places determined by the municipality and relevant authorities.

4 - Registering and classifying heritage restaurants service, which includes classifying restaurants as heritage restaurants and specifying the category for each restaurant (authentic Saudi, Saudi taste, welcome to the Kingdom)

While the Music Authority has offered three licenses, which are:

1 - Music practitioner license, which allows its holder to perform music at the events.

2 - The Music Production Practitioner's License, is a license that authorizes its holder to work in music production.

3 - A Musical Acoustics Management Practitioner's License, which allows the license holder to practice working in music production.

The Literature, Publishing and Translation Authority has provided two licences, which are:

1 - Literary agency activity license.

2 - Literary agent's license.

The two licenses allows the institutions and companies and the license holder to engage in literary agency activity which may enable them to represent the author and play the role of mediator between him and the parties benefiting from his intellectual production, such as publishing houses, film, television, music or advertising production companies, and others.

The license aims to enable the author to obtain the best possible return for his works in accordance with the best legal, contractual and marketing practices that preserve his rights.

The Theater and Performing Arts Authority has provided 1 license, which is:

1 - Performing Arts Practitioner License, which enables the performers to perform live performances across various fields of theater and performing arts in public entertainment outlets such as theaters, hotels, shopping malls, cafes, events, and many others.

The Museum Authority has also provided 1 license, which is:

1 - Museum collections care expert "Restorer" license, which aims to ensure that the museum's holdings are restored and preserved by licensed experts.

It is worth mentioning that the restorer is a competent person with experience in documenting, consolidating, protecting, restoring and preserving objects of cultural or environmental significance.

The restorer is also the one in charge of restoring works of art in addition to being a specialist in certain materials such as paper, metalwork, stone, textiles, ceramics, glass, and more.

The Ministry also provided 3 licenses for training activity, which are:

1 - Training facility license, which means the approval of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation to invest in training.

2 - Approval of a training course or program

3 - Activate of a training course or program.

Which means an approval granted by the competent cultural authority to start practicing the training activity at the approved headquarters of the training facility.

The Ministry of Culture called on those wishing to obtain these licenses and services, and others, to apply through the unified e-platform for cultural licenses and permits “Abdea” to register via the link: www.abdea.moc.gov.sa, and to follow the steps that enable them to issue permits and licenses.

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