BAGHDAD - Several rockets landed in the Baghdad International Airport compound and near an adjacent U.S. air base, damaging at least one disused civilian aeroplane, Iraqi police sources said.

The police sources did not report any other damage or any injuries. The damaged aircraft was an out of use Iraqi Airways plane, they said.

Iraq's state news agency reported, citing the country's aviation authority, that there was no disruption to travel.

The U.S. air base, known as Camp Victory, is located around the perimeter of Baghdad's civilian airport.

Rocket attacks which U.S. and some Iraqi officials blame on Iran-aligned Shi'ite militia groups who oppose the U.S. military presence in the region have regularly hit the complex in recent years.

(Reporting by Baghdad newsroom, John Davison in Erbil, Iraq; additional reporting by Lilian Wagdy in Cairo) ((;))