Coinciding with the Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference (ADIPEC) 2023, the UAE-Indonesia Joint Working Group (JWG) on Energy held its first meeting at the Indonesian Embassy in Abu Dhabi.

The meeting was co-chaired by Sharif Al Olama, Under-Secretary for Energy and Petroleum Affairs at the UAE Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure, and Triharyo Soesilo, Special Staff to the Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources for Infrastructure and Investment Acceleration of Indonesia.

The JWG seeks to strengthen bilateral cooperation, promote bilateral trade and investment in energy, as well as enhance scientific and technical synergies. It is an outcome of the Joint Declaration of Intent between the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure of the UAE and the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources of the Republic of Indonesia in 2022.

Officials from both ministries along with representatives of private sector entities from the two countries attended the meeting. They discussed and identified new projects in oil and gas, renewable energy, electricity, and mineral resources.

Al Olama said, “We highly value our collaboration with our Indonesian counterparts and are committed to enhancing it for our mutual benefit. The JWG will take our energy relations to new heights, particularly in clean energy as we aim for net zero by 2050.”

For his part, Triharyo Soesilo said, “Today marks the beginning of a promising journey toward enhanced collaboration in the energy sector.

"Indonesia and the UAE have long been strategic partners in the oil and gas industry. However, as the global challenges of climate change and energy security emerge, both countries must expand their cooperation in the energy landscape.”

During the meeting, Husin Bagis, Ambassador of the Republic of Indonesia to the UAE, highlighted Indonesia’s eagerness to enhance cooperation with the UAE to advance the transition to clean energy, reflecting both countries’ dedication to a sustainable future.