KUWAIT CITY: A total of 1,447,790 passengers travelled to and from Kuwait International Airport in July, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA) said Tuesday. Speaking to KUNA in a statement, acting director general of DGCA Emad Al-Jalawi said the airport witnessed a rise in the number of passengers by 16 percent and flights by 23 percent. He noted that air shipping increased by three percent in July compared to the same period of 2022. The number of arrivals hit 640,458, and the passengers who left the country were 806,232 in July, he noted.

The number of transit passengers reached 166,465, an increase of 75 percent compared to the same time of 2022, he said, indicating that 12,468 passenger planes were operated to and from Kuwait airport in July. On air shipping, he revealed that 16.1 million kg, including 12.7 million kg imported items, were shipped. He indicated that Dubai, Cairo, Istanbul, Doha and Jeddah were the most in-demand destinations in the above-mentioned period.