MAKKAH — The Guests of God Service Program, one of the programs of the Kingdom’s Vision 2030, has announced the launch of 17 round-the-clock bus routes from Makkah entrances to the Grand Mosque — back and forth during Ramadan.

The program clarified that the buses will be working for 24 hours, with a waiting period of less than 5 minutes for each trip.

The bus service is distinguished by having safe payment methods, which comes to ease the process for pilgrims and worshippers so they can perform their rituals with comfort, the program confirmed.

It is worth mentioning that the program, in an infographic, determined the routes, stops, duration and price.

It indicated that the stops inside Makkah include: Jamarat “Kidana” stop (a dedicated stop for buses) to Bab Ali station — for every 8 km / 8 minutes, SR7.

The car park at Rabwat Mina (a path for transport service between the northern and southern Al-Azizia of the Grand Mosque) to Ajyad station, Al-Sadd — for every 5 km / 10 minutes, SR7.

Al-Hijrah stop (Prince Meteb Road) a lane designated for buses to Ajyad station, Al-Masafi — for every 2 km / 5 minutes SR7.

Kudai parking (a lane designated for buses) to King Gate station — for every 4 km / 8 minutes SR7 and Duqm Al Wabar stop to Jabal Al Kaaba East Station — for every 14 km / 20 minutes, SR7.

Al-Rasifa parking lot to Jabal Al-Kaaba West station — for every 5 km / 15 minutes, SR7 and Al-Zaher parking lot to Jarwal station — for every 5 km / 12 minutes, SR7.

As for the parking lots in the Makkah entrances: Hajz Al Sharaea station to Bab Ali station — for every 16 km / 26 minutes, SR16.

Hajz Al-Zaidi stop (Makkah / Jeddah highway) to Ajyad Al-Masafi station — for every 33 km / 40 minutes SR16.

Al-Laith Road stop to Ajyad Al-Masafi station — for every 23 km / 33 minutes, SR16.

Hajz Al-Hada stop to the Jabal Al Kaaba East Station — for every 20 km / 25 minutes, SR16 and Hajz An Nawwariyyah stop to Jarwal station — for every 22 km / 30 minutes, SR16.

All prices do not include value added tax (VAT). The program also created a barcode in an interactive map of stops and stations, enabling people to click on the stations to see the location on the map, — indicating that there is transportation between stations.

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