E-finance has partnered with IBM to expand its digital payment services and give clients access to hybrid cloud environments to make secure payments, according to an emailed press release on November 9th.

Under this partnership, e-finance is leveraging the latest IBM Power servers to upgrade its current infrastructure as a service (IaaS).

A number of e-finance’s offerings already run on IBM Power10 servers, including e-payment systems, government POS management systems, the card management and electronic payment system for “Khales”, and more.

Moreover, IBM will also provide e-finance with IBM FlashSystems and IBM Software-Defined Storage (SDS), which will enable data to be stored on significantly less desks than traditional modules.

This will allow e-finance to host its customer’s data and workloads more efficiently and reduce its data centers and floor space footprints by up to 40% and its energy consumption by 50%.

“As we accelerate into the future of fintech, we need the most advanced technology to underpin our ongoing digital transformation efforts to support our public and private sector clients and provide them with the best-in-class services. We are happy to collaborate with IBM and take pride in offering hybrid cloud services in Egypt in our continued efforts to fast-track digital transformation and deliver an industry standard customer experience,” CEO of e-finance Hossam El Gouly commented.“As financial organizations progress on their modernization journeys, they need an approach that allows various cloud-based applications to work in concert. IBM infrastructure enables a hybrid cloud approach that offers the needed flexibility, resiliency and sustainability for e-finance to cater to their clients’ demands and accelerate their ongoing digital transformation journey” Marwa Abbas, General Manager at IBM Egypt said.

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