Hamdan Bin Mohammed Smart University (HBMSU) held the annual gathering in the presence of Dr. Mansoor Alawar, HBMSU Chancellor, and members of the academic and administrative staff on the occasion of the new academic year. The gathering began by welcoming the employees who had recently joined HBMSU.

Alawar gave a speech in which he praised the efforts of the members of the academic and administrative staff, and their role in consolidating HBMSU’s position as a globally leading academic institution in providing smart learning, within an environment especially designed for creators and innovators. He welcomed the new employees, expressing HBMSU confidence in their future contributions to achieving HBMSU academic mission.

In his speech, Dr. Alawar addressed artificial intelligence (AI) and its applications in higher education (HE), exploring the positive and negative effects of artificial intelligence.

He stressed that HBMSU will continue to employ emerging technologies to reshape the future of education, thanks to HBMSU unique expertise. Dr. Mansoor explained that artificial intelligence and its applications do not replace the most important role of the human element as the main driver of the development of the education sector.