Dubai Customs celebrates SMEs and their rights on IP Day

Dubai Customs organised 10 workshops to introduce new ways of distinguishing between fake and genuine products


DUBAI- Dubai Customs launched their initiatives on the World Intellectual Property Day 2021, marked annually on 26th April, with the focus this year on the critical role of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in the economy, and how they can use intellectual property (IP) rights to build stronger, more competitive and resilient businesses.

The World Intellectual Property Organisation (WIPO) announced the theme of World Intellectual Property Day 2021, which is "Intellectual Property and SMEs: Taking your ideas to market".

"On the World Intellectual Property Day we celebrate our long journey of protecting creative people and brand owners’ rights in the UAE," said Ahmed Mahboob Musabih, Director-General of Dubai Customs. "In Q1, 2021, Dubai Customs solved 81 intellectual property disputes, with an estimated value of AED11.3 million, and recycled 510,000 counterfeit items for 26 international brands." In 2020, 255 disputes with an estimated value of AED62.2 million were solved, and 161,800 counterfeit items for 60 brands were recycled.

Last year, Dubai Customs organised 10 workshops to introduce new ways of distinguishing between fake and genuine products with the participation of 309 employees, and in Q1, 2021 two workshops were organised for 68 participants.

"Raising awareness around the hazards of counterfeit products is a priority. We engage all segments of the society including the younger generations through several activities and initiatives to ensure this culture is built." Dubai Customs organised 12 awareness activities in Q1, 2021 that targeted 1,394 government officers and students. In 2020, 46 awareness activities targeted 2,358 individuals.

Yousef Ozair Mubarak, Director of IPR Department introduced the message of Daren Tang, Director-General of WIPO who said SMEs account for 90 percent of all companies worldwide and 70 percent of global employment.

In his video message, Tang said, "SMEs are the engines, the unsung heroes of our economy. And yet for many of them, there is still a lack of knowledge about how IP can help them translate their ideas into products, and how IP can be a powerful tool for them to not just survive, but to also compete and grow," he said.

"SMEs face different challenges in different parts of the world, and how we help them will need to be customised to the needs of your part of the world." Dubai Customs initiatives include a workshop on the IP rights of SMEs, and in cooperation with Al Mawakeb School, the Intellectual Property Rights Department will organise an activity titled "Al Mawakeb Innovates" in which the department will judge creative projects introduced by the students.

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