A panel of visionary leaders, engineers, executives, and developers, will present papers on cutting-edge technologies in the IoT industry which are dramatically shifting business strategies and changing the way we live, work, and play.

The Saudi IoT Conference 2018 will showcase insightful keynotes, case-studies, and breakout sessions, focusing on smart solutions leading the Kingdom in IoT technologies into 2030 and beyond.

The telecom session will focus on analysis of the current telecommunications industry of the Kingdom.

The health care sessions will focus on how IoT is transforming the healthcare industry completely by redefining how apps, devices, and people interact and communicate. The topics include: remote monitoring, smart sensors, and medical device integration.

The smart living sessions will focus on a comprehensive analysis of the on-going initiatives in smart living technology. The topics include: overall architecture, communication infrastructure, smart sensors and actuators, user interfaces. The highlight of the session will be on cutting-edge IoT technology which empowers the elderly population to self-manage their own health, stay active, healthy, and independent as long as possible within a smart and secured living environment.

The smart transportation sessions will focus on the future of automated smart transportation: From metro trains, bullet trains, and consumer cars to public transport through the mass transit systems within cities.

The smart cities sessions will focus on smart city development; how to identify and implement an ecosystem within a smart city, and also the social and societal considerations.