JEDDAH - The leaders of the Arab countries stressed the importance of strengthening joint Arab action based on common foundations, values, interests, and one destiny.

This came in the "Jeddah Declaration" at the conclusion of 32nd Regular Session of the Arab League Council at the Summit Level today (Jeddah Summit).

The “Jeddah Declaration” emphasised the importance of strengthening joint Arab action based on common foundations, values, interests and one destiny, and the necessity of unifying ranks, solidarity and cooperation in maintaining security and stability, protecting the sovereignty of Arab countries and the cohesion of their institutions, preserving their achievements, striving for further progress concerning Arab action, and taking advantage of the human and natural assets that the region enjoys, and addressing the challenges of the new era in a way that serves the goals and aspirations of a promising future for the peoples and future generations.


The Declaration reaffirmed the centrality of the Palestinian issue to Arab countries as one of the key factors of stability in the region, and stressed the importance of intensifying efforts to achieve a comprehensive and just settlement to the Palestinian issue and find real grounds for achieving peace based on the two-state solution in accordance with international references.


The Declaration expressed deep concern at the ramifications of the Sudanese crisis, reaffirming the need to ensure de-escalation, resort to dialogue and unity, alleviate the suffering of the Sudanese people, stating that the meetings of Jeddah, which commenced on May 6th, 2023, among Sudanese groups, is an important step that can be built upon to end this crisis and restore security and stability in Sudan and protect the capabilities of its people.


The Declaration welcomed the decision made by the Arab League council at the ministerial level to resume the participation of delegations of the Syrian government in the meetings of the Arab League and its affiliated bodies, expressing hope for this decision to support the stability of Syria, preserve its territorial unity, and resume its role within the Arab world.


The Declaration expressed its support for all efforts that could guarantee security and stability in the Republic of Yemen and fulfill the aspirations of the Yemeni people.


The Declaration expressed solidarity with Lebanon and urged all Lebanese parties to dialogue in order to elect a President of the Republic who fulfills the aspirations of the Lebanese people, the regular work of the constitutional institutions, and the adoption of the required reforms to get Lebanon out of its crisis.

Foreign Interference

The Declaration called for stopping foreign interference in the domestic affairs of Arab countries and categorically rejecting all support for the formation of armed groups and militias outside the scope of state institutions.

Localising Development

The Declaration stated that visions and plans based on investing in resources and opportunities and addressing challenges can localise development and activate available capabilities, adding that such visions and plans should utilise technology in order to achieve a comprehensive Arab industrial and agricultural renaissance to which Arab countries should contribute through integrated potentials.

Arab Values & Identity

The Declaration expressed commitment to and pride in Arab values and culture based on dialogue, tolerance, openness and non-interference in other countries' affairs under any pretext. The Declaration also affirmed the need to exert more efforts to preserve Arab culture and inherent Arab identity among the youth and to strengthen their pride in the well-established Arab values, customs and traditions.