Oman Electricity Transmission Company (OETC) has 13 projects in the design stage out of 32 projects planned for the five years from 2023 to 2027, according to the company’s Five-Year Annual Transmission Capability Statement. 

The projects in the design phase include 400kV and 132kV grid stations and transmission lines and remain subject to detailed investment appraisals, the statement noted.

The projects in the design phase and their expected completion dates are as follows: 

  1. Adding Fault Current Limiters in the Muscat area (March 2025)
  2. Wadi Aswad 400/33kV Grid Station (June 2025)
  3. Sarab 400/33kV Grid Station (June 2025)
  4. Khaloof 400/33kV Grid Station (June 2025)
  5. 400kV Direct Link between Oman and GCCIA (January 2026)
  6. 500MW Ibri III Solar IPP connection comprising 400kV substations/OHL line (March 2026)
  7. Duqm Industrial 400/132kV Grid Station (June 2026)
  8. Masirah 132/33kV Grid Station (June 2026)
  9. Khuwaimah 132/33kV Grid Station (June 2026)
  10. Mudhai 132/33kV Grid Station (June 2026)
  11. Shahba Asaib 132/33kV Grid Station (June 2026)
  12. Al Mazyunah 132/33kV Grid Station (June 2026)
  13. North- South Interconnector Phase-2 (December 2026)

Projects in the planning phase include connections for the 100-200MW JBB Ali Wind Farm and 200-300MW Duqm Wind Farm, with both projects expected to be completed in the second quarter of 2026; connection for the additional 100-200MW in Dhofar II Wind Farm with a scheduled completion date of the fourth quarter of 2026 and lastly, Al Kamil 400/132kV Grid Station, Securing Thumrait group demand, 200MW Ras Madrakah Wind Farm Connection and 500MW Al Kamil Solar connection, with expected completion dates of second quarter 2027.

(Writing by Anoop Menon; Editing by Bhaskar Raj)