Against the backdrop of unprecedented growth in construction, the Middle East is tackling how best to deal with the issue of carbon emissions, with developers and governments redoubling efforts to make the sector more environment-friendly. New technology, innovative government and private sector policies, and shifts in financing are also playing their part.

A million tonnes of embedded carbon and 3 million tonnes of operational carbon are generated for every billion dollars spent on infrastructure development, according to a KPMG report. The World Economic Forum believes constructed and in-use buildings are responsible for 40 percent of  global emissions. That and the record number of projects on the go leaves the region exposed. Newbuilds amounting to $1.7 trillion are currently in the pipeline.

Developers and consultants believe the sector is gradually moving towards sustainable practices, in alignment with the decarbonisation goals of the countries in the region. This report examines how various stakeholders in the region's construction sector are addressing the emissions challenge.  

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