Cairo – REDCON Properties announced the election of Eng. Tarek El-Gammal, Chairman of the Board, as a member of the Board of the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC). This appointment, decided by a majority vote of the General Assembly members, will see Eng. El-Gammal serve a three-year term.

This significant recognition underscores the unwavering dedication and sustained efforts of Eng. El-Gammal in advancing sustainable development goals and the UNGC’s objectives through REDCON Properties' projects.

Eng. Tarek El-Gammal remarked, "Green and sustainable building are the cornerstone of contemporary construction. We are relentless in pursuing cutting-edge technologies and sustainability solutions, aligning with the UN’s sustainable development goals. We are also committed to setting a benchmark in real estate development that emphasizes quality and social responsibility, exemplified by the Golden Gate project, Egypt's first fully sustainable green community."

As a trailblazer in the sectors of real estate development and green building in the Egyptian market, Eng. El-Gammal's involvement with the UNGC Board will encompass strategic guidance, consultancy, oversight, and collaboration with key stakeholders to achieve the council’s goals over the coming three years. He is also an active participant in the African Business Leaders Coalition (ABLC) and has represented both the ABLC and UNGC at numerous prestigious international forums.

REDCON Properties reiterates its steadfast commitment to the principles of sustainability and sustainable development across all its projects. The Company diligently strives to meet global sustainable development goals through its contributions to UNGC.


About REDCON Properties:

Established in 2019, REDCON Properties emerged as the real estate development flagship of the esteemed REDCON Group. The Company's core expertise lies in the crafting of multifaceted real estate endeavors, distinguished by a steadfast commitment to sustainable practices. This commitment is exemplified in its inaugural project, Golden Gate, where sustainable construction and green architectural principles were meticulously employed. Leveraging a rich legacy of over three decades in the construction domain, REDCON Properties draws from the extensive experience of REDCON Construction, a subsidiary that has successfully delivered a portfolio exceeding 200 projects. Notable amongst these are the Alamein Towers, Maspero Towers, Mansoura University, FAB Headquarters, Pharco Company, ABB Company, and a plethora of other distinguished ventures.