10 January 2017
The new smart solution is compatible with all hardware and security peripheral devices

UAE – KeyTech Security Solutions,  specialized in security administration systems, released the world’s first and the most advance Security Management Solutions (SMS).

The state-of-the-art solution enables amalgamation of various advanced security peripheral devices including biometric scanners, card readers, digital signature pads and ID card readers, SMS, which eradicates inaccuracies by intelligent algorithms, can be fully optimized to meet the various requirements of different types of facilities, such as industrial sites, hospitals, military installations and educational institutions, as well as commercial and residential buildings.

Commenting on SMS,  Security Management Solutions [Firas Sinno, Founder and CEO of Keytech] a Jordanian national, said: “One of the key issues the security industry has consistently failed to address is one of the most obvious ones, entry points. Poor door security due to various reasons, such as primitive screening methods and lack of established protocol, is considered one of the biggest threats to safeguarding institutions and facilities.

“SMS is revolutionizing the process in which installations are secured, due to its ability to integrate various types of hardware and security devices. The smart system allows enterprises to monitor and control a site’s entry and exit points through a central location, which eliminates the need for deploying different systems from different vendors, thus significantly cutting cost.”

Available in multiple languages, SMS provides full accountability and instant reporting, enabling institutions to assess security status of installations’ at any given time through a single control system. 

Based in the United Kingdom and United Arab Emirates, KeyTech Group  provides advanced security solutions to corporates across the region, including security management solutions, biometric readers, in addition to offering training courses.


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