• Iconic Thought Leadership conference, which draws experts from across the world, is back in Dubai for 2022 after Bahrain and Saudi Arabia

DUBAI: In an ever-connected world, businesses are on a continuous journey of adapting to fast-paced changes to remain relevant and achieve good growth. Besides the global factors such as war and inflation, businesses in the Arab world are facing unique challenges in the post-pandemic market. Global players and innovative new businesses are getting increasingly competitive against the region’s legacy business groups.

Research shows that adaptability, agility, and entrepreneurial spirit help companies navigate through challenges. However, more needs to be done to mitigate risks of unprecedented events such as Covid-19 pandemic and far-reaching effects of Ukraine-Russia war.

The 6th edition of the TOP CEO Conference on May 18 in Dubai brings together regional and international experts to assemble pieces of the puzzle of our increasingly complex world.

To be held under the general theme of The Great Business Reset, the conference would highlight the transformational changes in the Arabian Gulf economies reflecting an important reset of business, society, and global integration.

In the GCC, the impact of economic reforms and markets liberalization is evident with old legacy companies and business groups getting strong competition from the agile new players, dynamic business models and the independent entry of global brands.

After months of research and feedback from the market leaders, which include government minsters, CEOs of large and mid-level companies and strategy analysts, the TOP CEO team members have put together the agenda for the 2022 edition of TOP CEO Conference that reflects upon the most pressing issues of our times.

As we in live in an era of volatility, TOP CEO Conference’s session on The Certainty of Uncertainty will touch upon a principle that everything can change tomorrow. Extreme volatility is the new normal and something happening in one market could have catastrophic effects on other economy - thousands of miles away.

Politics, economy, and society are integrated with each other so tightly that business leaders must continuously change and refine their growth strategies. The panel discussion on Uncertainty will delve deep into future-ready strategies to find credible solutions for the GCC.

Foreseeing the challenges of global inflation, the TOP CEO Conference’s session The Inflation Monster will dissect the issues from different angles to ascertain its impact on the Arabian Gulf.

Economic recession is looming in markets such as the United States and Western Europe owing inflationary pressures. The rising costs of goods and services is expected to have a significant impact on GCC economies as there is huge trade deficit owing to sectors other than crude oil.

Another important session, The Execution Challenge, would look at the shortcomings and learnings from the execution of capital-intensive mega projects. Despite business reforms in the region, issues such as top-down approach and centralized decision-making, among other things, have created roadblocks and bottleneck.

Delivery delays owing to inefficient project management raises the cost of projects and might discourage international investors from big projects. This candid session will call out weaknesses in the execution and will also highlight challenges in attracting and retaining human capital.

Some of the other key sessions are: The Metaverse: A fad or a revolution; Battle for skilled talent; IPOs, SPAC, and Raising Capital; A new world: The Blockchain revolution, among others.

Overall, the GCC economies are bullish post-pandemic as the combined quarterly gains of Arabian Gulf stock markets jumped the most in the first three months of 2022 since the global financial meltdown.  

At the heart of this substantial growth experienced by businesses in the region are the chief executive officers, who deserve a big round of applause.

The iconic event celebrating the GCC business leadership - TOP CEO Conference and Awards - is returning for its 6th edition on May 17 and 18, 2022, at Palazzo Versace, Dubai, UAE.

After a two-year hiatus owing to COVID-19 restrictions, the awards and conference is returning to Dubai, UAE, after Saudi Arabia and Bahrain. Arab Women Forum, a platform to discuss achievements and share solutions for the women leaders of the region, is also making a comeback on May 17, 2022, along with the TOP CEO Conference and Awards.

Commenting on this year’s event, the organizer of the TOP CEO, Special Edition chief executive Julien Hawari said: “Today, global market forces are coming together in the post-pandemic economies to rebuild communities and businesses, and our region is no different.

“The TOP CEO Conference and Awards highlight and recognize the resilience of GCC’s business leadership. The event is back in Dubai which is a hub of optimism, innovation, and progress amidst the challenges such as Covid-19,” he said adding that the TOP CEO’s thought leadership conference brings together intellectuals from the Arab world and beyond to find solutions to the most challenging business problems of the GCC.

Organized by TRENDS - The International Media on Arab Affairs - the TOP CEO Conference and Awards target the region's most affluent business leaders and thinkers - CEOs, senior government officials, and regional and international experts.

The two-day conference’s mission is to facilitate connections, generate growth opportunities, recognize the GCC's most prominent executives, and allow participants to freely talk and exchange ideas in both on-and off-record sessions.


For more information, visit: https://topceo.me/