Sharjah: The Sharjah Old Cars Club (SOCC) is hosting a two-week classic cars exhibition at City Centre Al Zahia. Until October 11, UAE residents who are passionate about vintage and classic cars will be treated to a spectacular display of a carefully curated selection by SOCC, featuring the legendary 1984 Pontiac GTO adorned with the iconic firebird emblem, a 1959 Mercedes-Benz SL Coupe, a 1968 Ford Mustang Fastback, and a Jaguar Type E Roadster, famously described by the late Enzo Ferrari as the “most beautiful car ever made”. 

The rare Bricklin has also joined the spectacular showcase alongside several other vintage vehicles, which collectively represent the significant and fascinating global automotive heritage.

The first week since its opening, the exhibition has welcomed, entertained and enlightened hundreds of enthusiastic visitors, enabling SOCC to continue on its mission to highlight the historical value and enduring elegance of these classic vehicles, as well as the incredible diversity and innovation which have been characteristic to the automotive industry for decades.

With this exhibition, SOCC aims to create family-friendly spaces in where enthusiasts gather to deepen their hobby by learning more about the history of the collection on display, discuss their passion for vintage and classic cars, and strengthen the nationwide community of classic car hobbyists.  

Visitors to the exhibition will be handed special literature with a complete history and unique facts on each vehicle displayed, their significance and how these cars have been immortalised by celebrity owners or through their appearances in popular culture. 

Enjoy a great mix of elegance and performance

The exhibition caters to a diversity of interests with its wide ranging display of both aesthetic- and performance-driven classics. The collection includes the 1971 Nissan GTR PGc10, renowned for its 2.0-litre I6 engine generating approximately 160 horsepower. This iconic vehicle has won numerous awards at various international races and has gained immense popularity through its appearances in the blockbuster Hollywood franchise “The Fast and the Furious”.

Another star of the show is the 1959 Mercedes-Benz SL Coupe, boasting an impressive 80 to 120 horsepower and endorsed by the likes of Aga Khan IV, Grace Kelly, and Sophia Loren. The rare 1975 Bricklin SV-1, equipped with a potent 220-horsepower engine, is an exhibition highlight. Only a few were produced and circulated worldwide, which adds to its allure in the vintage car domain.

Commenting on the exhibition, Dr. Ali Ahmed Abu Al Zoud, Chairman of SOCC, said: “Vintage cars enjoy great popularity among all age groups. These cars have exciting stories to tell, and offer fantastic insights into the evolution of the automotive industry globally. Through our public showcases, SOCC’s aim is to draw the public's attention to the Club's mission to preserve vintage cars. The UAE has a rich history of avid car ownership and care, with prominent figures taking an interest in this sector. As a result, the Club boasts a select group of members who have become renowned for acquiring invaluable rare cars."