During the World Future Energy Summit in the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week...

Abu Dhabi, UAE-

The emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology (ESMA) will participate in the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week from January 15 to 18, at the World Future Energy Summit, in a special pavilion under the banner of leadership in the development of infrastructure for the quality of energy efficiency products.

Through a series of energy awareness and educational programs, in partnership with five major private sector companies, HE Abdullah Al Maeeni, Director General of ESMA, confirmed that.

ESMA will review during the participation the most outstanding achievements in a series of programs implemented for energy efficiency of electrical appliances, related to home air conditioners, washing machines and dryers, household refrigerators, electric storage water heaters, dishwashers, water pumps, commercial and central air conditioners, Paints and others regulations.

The Authority's development of these comprehensive programs is part of the ESMA’s efforts in the field of renewable energy, the International Standard for Energy Management in Buildings and the Efficiency Program. Fuel consumption and other important programs undertaken by the Commission. Al-Maeeni said.

The Authority's participation in the activities of the Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week and the World Future Energy Summit comes from the recognition of "ESMA" of the need to enhance joint cooperation and exchange experiences with the government institutions, government departments and international organizations in the field of energy around the world. He added.

ESMA will participate with five major companies operating in the sector to present their projects and initiatives in the field of product quality infrastructure and energy conservation systems through the issuance of certificates of conformity and laboratory tests, and ensure conformity of products to UAE standards approved in the UAE.

 In various areas of rationalization and energy efficiency, as well as a review of the events of techniques in environmentally friendly vehicles. He said.

"It will also present the most important findings of the laboratories in the examination of electrical products and the services provided by these institutions in the system of quality building at the Gulf level, most notably the Emirates Authority for Standardisation and Metrology "ESMA", the Saudi Standard and Metrology and Quality, the Gulf Standardization Organization and other leading institutions.

ESMA will be presenting its standards in an interactive manner in its pavilion to the public, and we invite visitors to the exhibition to experience a robot developed by the ESMA to talk to the audience and explain the energy efficiency programs, and provide adequate answers. Eng. Essa Al Hashemi, Director of conformity Department at ESMA, said.

He added that the public and individuals participating in the competition on energy conservation also conducted through interactive screens in the pavilion, For information to the public.

Therefore, ESMA has initiated new interactive initiatives to help the public make the right decision regarding the energy consumption. The public will have the experience of a bicycle ride through which the consumer will be able to see the difference between the two- and five-star electric appliances. Al-Hashemi said.

A bicycle can generate electrical energy for an associated lamp. The choice of the operating system is either one star or five stars, and the consumer can distinguish the size of the effort to illuminate each one, and learn about the advantages of energy conservation. He added.


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